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Feeling frustrated

i was going to post this on the PT board but no one has posted on there since August. My DS will be 2 in a couple weeks and we have officially started potty training however I feel like we aren't all on board. For instance, he was home with me all day yesterday and he had success 7 times on the potty but going to day care today and they only took him to the bathroom 3 times in 8 hours! My DH has also mentioned that he wants to go to a store that is 20 minutes away...so  including shopping, we are looking at 1 hour or more away from a potty. I feel like I'm the only one working at this. I feel like he would get this concept, IF we were consistent for at least a week. He tells me when he poops....he's talking in 4-7 word sentences. He's excited when he has success, he loves him I see reinforcement. And he's eager to sit on the potty. How do I get my point across to everyone else who doesn't seem to "get it"?? 

Re: Feeling frustrated

  • I would definitely bring it up to daycare that you are potty training and discuss a schedule with them on what timing has been working for him at home. As for your husband, maybe he can go shopping by himself? Just explain to him that since your son isn't fully potty trained yet that you feel more comfortable keeping him closer to home in case he has to go. 
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  • Hey girl, I remember how frustrating it was potty training DD and not having everyone as committed to her progress as I was. Like PP said, I would talk to the daycare about it, but a know some have a potty break schedule, and don't usually take the kids to potty outside of that uNess they actually ask to go potty. So definitely work on getting him to express when he needs to go, I'm sure you're already doing that though. As far as your DH goes, I would just sit down with him and discuss your expectations and goals during this time, and about the store situation, I also agree with PP about seeing if he can shopping alone, but if he wants you two there, maybe you can alternate taking your DS for bathroom breaks? I know, public restrooms are not ideal, but it's probably good to get used to all kinds of potties during this training period. When I was training DD, I kept lysol wipes in her diaper bag in case we needed to put her on a public potty. 
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