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3rd Trimester

Wondering about labor patterns

Hi Mamas!

Im pregnant with my 5th baby, so this question is for moms who have delivered 2+

My question is- whether you went into labor early, on time, or late, (naturally occurring labor, not inductions or c-sections)  did you tend to follow that trend in subsequent pregnancies? My babies have all kind of been whenever, but I've never gone overdue, and for some reason, I have some anxiety that this one will make me wait. I'm not trying to predict anything, just curious about patterns, is all. Please share your stories. 

Re: Wondering about labor patterns

  • My first was born at 36 weeks to the day, was out at a party and all of a sudden started contractions and hadn't had any before that. This is baby #2 for me and they thought I would go even earlier because I was 60-70% effaced at only 32 weeks, I had to get steroid shots and everything! 6 weeks later of daily contractions and 3 cm dilated, I'm still pregnant
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