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I'm 13w today and I haven't gained a pound.  Initially I lost and my Dr said that was okay because you "tend to make healthier choices" when you're pregnant so loss can be normal at first.  But I stepped on the scale this morning and nothing has changed.  Is that okay?  I'm not freaking out or anything, just concerned that while baby is small, there's still a baby and placenta in there.  Why am I not gaining?  Do I need to eat more or will I just not start gaining a noticeable amount until later? 
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Re: Weight Gain

  • You're fine. It's different for everyone - how has your diet changed? 
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  • I was freaking out about this too, but everything I have read says it is normal. How is your m/s and how much much have you been eating? Mine just started getting better enough that I could eat normally about 2 weeks ago, and I was at least eating semi regularly a week before that. I didn't see ANY change in my weight until I measured myself today. I'm 12 weeks on the dot, and I have apparently gained 0.9 pounds. But it's taken two weeks of actually eating and not being too sick to stomach normal food for that to start kicking in. Plus, you're only supposed to gain 1-4 pounds in the first trimester if you gain at all, so you should be ok. 
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  • I am in the same boat. I am naturally thin, and weighed 125-128 pre-pregnancy. I weighed myself yesterday morning and weighted 128 (at 13 weeks pregnant). Obviously every pregnancy is different, but the way I understand it, if you are a 'healthy' weight pre-pregnancy, you should gain roughly 25-35 lbs during pregnancy. Of that amount, only 1-5 lbs typically come in the first trimester. After that, it should amp up to a pound or so a week. 

    If your doctor isn't concerned, you shouldn't be concerned. Eat a normal amount (more than usual, but definitely not double). As long as baby is growing and developing on track, you are fine. 
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  • you're not supposed to gain more than 1 to 5 pounds at the most during the first trimester.    So unless you are considered underweight then there is nothing to worry about

  • Same boat. I'm naturally thin and I have lost weight just from not being able to eat, or keep food down. Totally normal. 
  • Unless you are unhealthy or doctor is worried, I say good for you!  I'm 11w3d and I've actually lost weight.  Since I was overweight to start and food is my enemy lately, it makes sense actually...I'm kinda excited lol
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    Perfect.  My diet hasn't changed much except that up until this point I had complete and utter aversions to junk food.  While I am regularly a veggie & fruit eater, I was/am eating a lot more.  The junk aversion has subsided so I'm eating a bit of chips and some ice cream (craving) again haha!  Some days I have a meat aversion and some I don't so dinner has been very random.  I mean I still eat ... just without the meat, usually I replace it with fish.  I have had zero sickness so keeping food down isn't an issue for me.  I do think I could still probably be eating a bit more though.    

    I'm slightly overweight so I'm reaaalllly hoping I only gain baby and what comes with that (placenta, blood volume, boobs etc.) and no more haha!      

    Edit:  My junk eating is only at night.  During the day I am a solid, healthy eater.  Good breakfast, good snacks, good lunch and good dinner.  I bring my lunch/snacks from home.  I don't eat processed food or anything out of a box, I just never have.  I even unfortunately have an aversion to salad dressing so I tend to eat my cucumbers straight plain, or with vinegar, which I'm sure is healthier than all those dressing calories anyways lol!  My craving of choice at this particular moment is apples.  I eat apples like candy ... and drink lots of apple juice.  (I do balance it out though so that sugar isn't an issue)   
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  • I am pretty overweight and am surprised I haven't gained anything but actually lost a bit.  My doctor said not to worry as I am not to gain more than 20 pounds altogether and it is ok if I loose some.  With nausea it is hard to eat sometimes.  And my LO doesn't like junk food or sweets at all.  So I am mostly eating fruit, veggies, some rice or sweet potato and then lean protein.
  • I lost 10lbs in the first trimester due to morning sickness last pregnancy, and didn't gain a lb back until 25 weeks. As long as you are continuing to eat, baby will take what it needs. Don't worry I still gained 30 lbs (20 from starting weight) in 15 weeks! 
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  • If your doctor isn't worried you don't need to be. I gained 16lbs with my first, and most of it was 2nd-3rd tri gain. With my second I gained 36lbs and didn't start gaining until my second tri. I've gained 7 pounds first tri. And I haven't gained anything else in the last 3 weeks, it all came on within the first few weeks.
  • Ugh!  Y'all are just lucky!  You really don't need to gain anything in the first trimester.  It's a blessing not to want to eat all the things and eat bad for you food and all the carbs!  I gained over 50 pounds last pregnancy.  I'd been slender and fit my whole life - pregnant for the first time at 37 - but couldn't keep my good eating habits up and stopped cooking all together, which sealed my fate.   Also going from working out 4-5 times a week to barely anything was a big slow down.  So, whatever it is you're doing it's fine - no need to worry.  You're Doctor likely won't worry about weight gain for a couple months yet.  
  • It will all even out in the end!!
  • I agree with other PPs that you are fine. My doctor said not to worry about whether I'm eating enough or gaining enough in the first trimester. He said the baby is like a parasite and will take from me whatever it needs. 
  • I only gained 15# last pregnancy as I lost 5# at first and no one was concerned. I was 25# heavier to start than this time though. This time I am much more active at the gym 5-6 days a week getting 12-15k steps a day, eat well even when the m/s was bad I didn't eat too crappy as I am allergic to gluten so that limits the carbs I can have, and I've gained 10# as of today and I'm 13w2d. So go figure. As long as your doctor is okay with it it's good just keep trying to eat healthy snacks and meal regularly as you can and as others have said you may find yourself gaining it all in the last two tris or you may just not gain that much. Every body and every pregnant is different but definitely let your doctor know and keep and eye on it if you are concerned 
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  • I'm dealing with the same issue. I've lost 10lbs at 13weeks and seem to not be able to gain it back. I haven't dealt with morning sickness-I'm just not hungry like I used to be. I'm concentrating on eating more high-calories high- nutrients snack. Just started with celery and peanut butter, guacamole and veggies, nuts/seeds etc. I'm hoping to get back to where I started in the next 6 weeks. What concerns me most is that I seem to be losing muscle mass. Anyone else have this?
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  • @chloe97 were you lifting before the pregnancy and if so are you still lifting/working out as much? If you haven't been able to eat as much especially if it is high protein foods (and I mean like 30g protein  per meal and 10-15g per snack) then it is very possible a lot of that had been muscle. Unfortunately muscle is some of the first to go when you lose weight relatively fast and even on a normal muscle sparing high protein diet trying to lose body fat you would still lose a percentage of muscle. 
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