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3rd Trimester

Weight Gain Check In - How Are We Doing, Mamas?

30 pounds at 31 weeks. Everyone tells me that when they see me from the front or the back that I don't "look pregnant." I think a lot of that weight is in the boobs! 

Re: Weight Gain Check In - How Are We Doing, Mamas?

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  • Total humblebrag . . . Wait not even humble. What was the point of this? Also way to stomp on people that might be doing the right things, but putting on more weight then they are comfortable with. 
  • The op hasn't even been on since she posted this obviously just wanted to brag not actually offer support to others :/ sigh 

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  • Ugh. I just saw this one. What the heck? Why post it two different places? Doht even understand how this could be a humble brag. Freaking randos. 
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    Ugh. I just saw this one. What the heck? Why post it two different places? Doht even understand how this could be a humble brag. Freaking randos. 
    I read your last line as freaking nachos. 
    I wonder where my brain is.
    My brain must be in my stomach cause now I want nachos...
  • Why is everyone so cranky, sheesh. She was just sharing her thoughts and everyone has to jump down her throat saying shes bragging. Take a chill pill. Everyone carries differently.
  • @mawissy17 why are you reviving a zombie thread? If did any research before white knighting so very unnecessarily you would see the OP didn't care about anyone else she only posted this and then never checked back in or posted again. Save your wking for a more worthy cause.... 

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  • Starting out I weighed 171 and now im up to 224! It makes me a little sad, but my OB says its all baby and water weight so i  don't need to worry :) I'm sure I will lose it quickly chasing 2 boys around!
  • OK, I usually hate zombie posts and, therefore I  don't reply In order to not keep them going.... However, I somehow missed this gem of a post back in May when it was posted (probably since I was busy with my newborn in the NICU) so, I'm Now sitting here loving the comments

     OP- I know u have had ur baby by now, but congrats on ur huge tits- thanks for the awesome brag-  I'm 3 months PP and am still 30 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm SOOOOOOO stoked for u that u only gained weight in ur tits.
    Just so u know, even if u didn't gain a ton of weight during ur pregnancy, it is still REALLY , really, really hard to lose PP weight for some people so best of luck  with that 

  • Let's turn this into annoying rude things people have said to you about your weight gain. I'll start!

    Last week my in-laws came over for dinner and we were discussing the size of our kids when they were born and I said DS was in the 57th percentile for his size at my last checkup and I was happy bc he's right in the middle. My mother in law sitting next to me looked at my stomach and said "really??" with eyebrows raised. This is the same woman who told me I wasn't eating for two yet as I forked salad into my mouth at 10 weeks (she could stand to lose a few pounds which makes this all the more irritating). 

    Ok now someone else go! 
  • I'm actually super proud of the fact that I've gained over 30 lbs so far at 32 wks, and most of it I gained very early. I was 86 lbs at 6wks when I found out about my pregnancy. Even at only 5 ft tall, I was very underweight. I'm hoping to keep some of the weight I've gained after having my baby. Gaining weight was hard work for me.
  • @sadiec92 why are you even commenting on this? Its incredibly old and clearly everyone wanted it to die..

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