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Something weird just came out of me...

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Hi, I'm a newbie and this is my 1st pregnancy. I'm 8 weeks. I woke us to a lot of cramping. I had cramping and blood 2 weeks ago and everything turned out fine. Sorry if this is tmi  but... around 4am this morning I had to go poo so off to the bathroom. There was lots of blood (period red) and this strange, cream/reddish/brown, almost fuzzy, jelly like clump came out of me. I took a picture to show my doctor but I'm really nervous. Anyone know what I'm talking about/experience this?


Update: I just had to go again and a big red clump just came out (bigger than period clumps). Super nervous.
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  • @secicc12 @BreadPoetsSociety

    Called my doctor as soon as they opened. I had an appointment a few hours later. My neurologist  (i have epilepsy and had a PE = high risk patient) order a blood panel... 9 vials! We had the ultrasound and there was nothing. The woman doing the ultrasound didn't say a word. When we (hubby and I) asked if she saw anything... 'I have to show the physician 1st' but I knew. A nurse came in and verified... miscarried. They even gave me a book on miscarriages. This is supposed to be an exciting time and breaking the news 2 days before xmas, idk how I walked out of there. I have an appointment next week for a follow up. I'm not sure what to expect from this appointment. All I know is that we're heartbroken and I can't stop crying.
    Me: 33 DH: 34
    Married 6.5 years
    mc: 12.23.2016 (8 wks)
    ttc: in a few months

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had two myself, one before Christmas in fact. The loss boards here were instrumental in giving me support and keeping me afloat in the early days. Sending internet hugs. 
  • I'm so so sorry..take care of yourself. Hopefully you can try to enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Hugs your way 

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  • Sorry to hear about the loss. Take care of yourself during this heartache.
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  Please take care of yourself.
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