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Plus sized losing weight?

hi everyone, this is my first post on this board but I'm not new to the bump, I was a part of July 2015 and I have a 17 month old :) my question is I'm much heavier during this pregnancy and have been making a serious effort to eat better and take care of myself during this pregnancy. I've lost 14lbs since finding out I was pregnant. Is anyone else on a similar journey? 

Re: Plus sized losing weight?

  • *lurking from June17*

    I'm somewhat larger, and I have also lost weight. I also have had GD with my other pregnancies, and tend to follow that diet pretty early on, which results in a good amount of weight loss. My OB isn't concerned, but it doesn't hurt to discuss with your OB. 
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  • Hi, @ChelseaG. Welcome. 

    Please stop by and read the *Read This First* thread and introduce yourself in the Introductions thread.

    We haven't done an update in a while, but there has been a Plus sized Check In thread in the past. As for me, I'm not actively trying to lose weight during my pregnancy as a plus sized woman. I'm trying more to be healthy. I have gained anything yet, however. Your OB will have a better idea what you should/should not do for your pregnancy. 
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  • Well since I already did that and there is 500+ introductions I suppose you wouldn't know that. Since I have not posted before I gave people a brief introduction before I asked what I wanted to know.  Obviously I'm not asking for medical advice just seeing if anyone else has lost weight during their pregnancy. I'm not trying to lose weight it is a by product of healthy eating. Since the current thread is dead I think it's perfectly fine to start a new one. 
  • I'm about 15 lbs over my happy weight right now (Sep 15 mama here). I've only lost 4 lbs this time around but my doctor isn't worried. She did say that if I lost more than 10 lbs and wasn't hydrated, then she would start feeling concerned, but I'm assuming that's based on the fact that I'm not considered plus size, just a tad over the average. It sounds like you're eating healthy and being smart about this, so losing a little weight is fine. Eat good food, take your prenatals, and be happy, just check with your doctor at your next appointment and make sure they aren't concerned. 
  • I lost a few myself and i have a weight plan that i'd like to stick to but i know how pregnancy gets so hoping i wont stress too much over it!
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