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Laying on my tummy on the floor

I know this probably sounds ridiculous but I need some piece of mind. I'm 12+2 so I don't really have a belly yet. I'm plus size, so even if I did you can't notice it. Last night I was laying down on my tummy on the floor playing with my cat, I was moving around on my tummy playing. And then all of a sudden I was like AH! I'm pregnant! And I got off my tummy. Again, this probably sounds stupid, but could I have hurt my baby, by putting pressure like that on my stomach?

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  • If it was comfortable for you to lay on your stomach, you're probably fine. Baby has a lot of room and fluid to wiggle. You'd be uncomfortable before they were in any danger.
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  • I slept on my stomach until 20 weeks. Baby is safe in there. 
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  • The baby is so small at 12 weeks that he/she has so much room and is safe. Relax mama
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  • I believe, at 12 weeks, your uterus is still mostly behind your pelvis. Totally protected.
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