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Artsy fartsy

Hoping this isn't a repeat thread but I don't think I've seen anything like it on this board......

Anyone out there being very creative and making anything for their baby(ies)?

I have a sewing machine and plenty of inspiration but little to no motivation. So I thought maybe seeing/ hearing about some other's crafts and ideas would help my with my motivation issue  :D

Re: Artsy fartsy

  • I made a bunch of head bands for my last little one. I got all the supplies at Jo Ann fabric. They were so cheap to make and all unique.
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  • I can't take any credit for this as it was all my mom, but after I mentioned how I couldn't find cat-themed things for a baby boy, she went out and found a free pattern online, not sure but it may have been on Craftsy, for this swaddle bag. It's jersey fabric inside, fleece outside, and all she has left to do is add the velcro... and I think it's just the cutest thing and I can't wait to put a baby in it! 

    We also just picked out a nice cotton fabric to make a custom crib skirt, I have a mini crib and it will be cheaper to make than to buy sheets, and we are on the hunt for a cute flannel to make a fitted mattress sheet!
    That is so cute!
  • We've been given some super cute homemade burp cloths and bibs. I keep meaning to get supplies and teach myself crocheting so I can make those cute little plush baby toys... maybe I'll do that this week. Have something to do with my hands for the holidays while I'm sitting down. 
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  • @Burrberrymum that came out great! I was thinking about making some burp cloths too. And maybe some bibs. You can never have enough of those!
  • Why are cats considered a feminine thing??? I can occasionally find puppies in girl clothes, but have NEVER seen a cat on boy clothes. What gives??
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  • @Niko1e They turned out really great!! 
  • I am sewing a quilt and crocheting a smaller blanket. I also sewed a quilt for my daughter and made her headbands. 
  • I want to make a blanket but haven't gone to get the supplies yet. Maybe this weekend 

  • wow @Niko1e you could sell those!
  • @Niko1e We're doing woodland/adventure theme too! Love it!!! 
  • @JustAnotherUsername16 how did you make those shoes? They're amazing!
  • @JustAnotherUsername16 ! So cool!! They look awesome!
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