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6 weeks pregnant what can i take for a cold? really stuffy nose

What can I take for cold


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  • The OB office I worked for recommends Robitussin DM if you have a cough combined with Tylenol for aches, pains and fever. 
    If you have a runny nose or sinus problems a Neti pot, that pp recommended, is another cold staple our practice also recommends. 
    It is always best to call your OB to see what their opinion is. 
    I also recommend googling "safe medications during pregnancy" to help you in the future. 
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  • There's not really much you can take, and I would double check with your OB before you do take any OTC medicines. Most have a quick list fact sheet that they can give you for reference.

    For colds, I found relief with a humidifier, saline spray, and steam showers to help break up the sinus congestion. If you're coughing a lot, do a cup of warm water with honey and the juice of one lemon for a natural cough syrup. If you're running a fever or experience aches and pains and headaches, you can take Tylenol.
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