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Baby's First Christmas

I know our babies will still be so young but is anyone planning on buying their LOs gifts from Santa?

Re: Baby's First Christmas

  • I am thinking about just buying some books I can read to her. I also want to do like a hand/foot print first xmas ornament but that would technically be finished before xmas so it can be put on the tree. 
  • We said we wouldn't but I think I might anyway. Maybe one or two toys. 

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  • It seems silly to do Santa when she's too young to know, but she has little cousins who I'm sure will ask what Santa brought her so I'm going to designate a couple of toys as Santa's presents. I'm not planning on gifts from Santa ever being huge, but I'll increase it a bit in a couple of years and start the milk and cookies stuff when she's around 2. 

  • We'll probably buy one or two toys or books because my 5 year-old will notice if the baby doesn't get anything from Santa.
  • We weren't going to but like others have mention my other 2 boys may question why Santa didn't bring LO anything. I might do 2 baby books and a car mirror for his carseat, since I need one for him. 
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  • I am doing things I wanted to buy but havent yet. A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, a aden and anais dream blanket, and a play gym. I have a 6 year old who will wonder why he didn't get any gifts. I plan on putting some feeding supplies (spoons, bowls, exc.) in his stocking, we will eventually need that stuff, so why not? haha
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  • We are, the older two would be on high alert if these babies didn't recieve anything from Santa.
  • We bought him a mirror toy for the car from mommy and daddy and then a couple of toys from Santa. Nothing crazy.
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  • @LGW2015 Eek! You're here! I've missed you!  <3
  • We do Santa gifts. DS is 5 so now we have 3 gifts to buy to keep the charade going. DD is 12 and just goes along with it for her brother. I'm almost done Christmas shopping I only have the Santa gifts left to buy. Elias will probably just get a new book or small toy. Enzo will get this mine craft collector case and DD will maybe get some new mascara and make up brushes.

  • Also have to buy for baby so that big brother won't wonder why he didn't get presents. Even if DH and I didn't buy for baby, my parents would.
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  • @AllyTheKid Hey lady! I miss this board and its glory days!  :'( How's that sweet Johnny? 
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  • @F47 I'm doing my best to keep it afloat, but there us just a wee handful of us left these days.
    Johnny is doing great! Everything has turned around for him, and he is just thriving ♡ 
    How are your babes? How is DS adjusting to big-brotherhood?
  • @allythekid So great to hear! What a relief for you.

    DS1 adjusted SO well right from the start. I still can't believe it, actually. Such a relief. Still struggling with his night terrors.  :'( Its his 3rd birthday today and DH took off work, so it's been a fun day.

    Baby Roman has followed in his brother's footsteps with reflux and milk allergy. I'm BFing, no dairy for me (read: no fun). 

    All that being said, things are still pretty great. Love these boys of mine. 

    Now I'll stop hijacking this thread. 
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  • Great to hear, and happy birthday to your DS! You can have the thread, it's not like any of us have ever really stayed on topic anyway, pretty sure this entire board suffers from ADD ;)
  • Planning on buying a few things for LO just because I think it will be kind of fun being her first Christmas and all, but I have no idea what we'll get her.
  • Baby gift ideas:
    Teething rings
    Baby blocks 
    Bath toys
    Play mat
    Carseat toys/cover

    Do add to the list if you can think of anything!
  • To add to @AllyTheKid 's list
    Baby books
    Baby spoon, forks, bowls 
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  • This kind of fits under clothes, but I'll be getting a winter hat and mittens for baby. 
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  • Had no idea what to get baby but @AllyTheKid that list is soooo good!!! Thanks!!!
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  • Diapers...haha We are also going to ask my parents for baby gates for when the time comes.
  • Diapers...haha We are also going to ask my parents for baby gates for when the time comes.
  • Yes! Baby gates! AND baby proofing sets with outlet covers, and cabinet and drawer latches!

    As far as toys are concerned, I always think 6 months ahead. At 2 months old, babies aren't really interested in ANYTHING. But, 2, 4, 6 months from now what would they like?
  • We are doing just stuff we wanted to buy for her like a jumper and walker. Other small toys. Like others we didn't want the older brothers to notice she didn't get anything. We do a pair of pajamas and an ornament for each of the kids on Christmas Eve every year so she is part of that too. 

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  • @AllyTheKid I'm sorry! I completely fell off the board the last couple of weeks. It's been really crazy here. We just found out DH is being laid off in January so we won't have any income. Trying not to panic but we've both been a mess </3 I'm glad to see you're doing well!
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  • @LGW2015 He *should* qualify for unemployment if he's being laid off (may depend on how long he's been employed with that business, so he'll want to look into that) so don't panic yet! Also, in situations like this, especially during the winter months, families in your position may qualify for several state funded assistance programs as well, so there are always options until you guys are able to get this worked out. We've been down that road before. Different state, but the programs and requirements are generally similar.
  • We weren't going to do much, but I can't pass up a good deal so we got a few things. Toys he can grow into, rattles, books, a lovie (I though he'd get a bunch of these at my shower, but he only got 2). 

    For grandparents - My mom is getting him a cookies for santa plate and milk cup. I thought that was a cute keepsake gift! 
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