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LO's Christmas List

11 days left! What was at the top of your LO's Christmas List(s) this year? DS changes his mind daily, but has had his heart set on a Zoomer Marshall since the beginning of the season.

Re: LO's Christmas List

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  • DS1: PJ Masks, Power Rangers

    DS2: Iron Man, Power Rangers 
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  • DS: BB8 Robot, Nerf Gun, a keyboard piano

    DD: The Paw Patroller, The Air Patroller, Baby Alive
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  • I am loving reading these lists. I'm pretty sure my lo's sole desire in life is to be allowed to eat nothing but oranges, so Christmas gifts are whatever I feel like buying. It's fun to think about when she will actually understand what is coming at Christmas and be able to articulate what she wants!
  • Everything Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, puzzles, dinosaurs, and anything super heros (Marvel, Avengers, Justice League... can't even tell you which ones belong to which but my 3 yo twins can!)

    More specifically I was asked this week for Ninja Turtle action figures by both and last week for a Power Ranger shirt... with a mask... and gloves.  I responded, 'so you want a red Power Ranger costume?' to which he replied once again 'no, just a shirt... with a mask... and gloves'.
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    My DD has asked for a Barbie dream house (That's her big gift. It's at the front of our grocery store and she's been dying over it for months), new books, a teepee for her room, and a unicorn. 
  • My son wanted a robot and a car he can drive.  We found a cool robot at Target for on of the black Friday deals and we bought a power wheels dune buggy two seater for the kids to share.  Oh he also really wanted Skyler from Elena of Avalor.  My daughter was all over the place from a dino to a baby doll to Luna from Elena of Avalor. 
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  • DS is only 20 months so he doesnt fully get it but walking around the stores he wants... "TRUCK!, BLOCK!, MELMO (Elmo)!, DA MOUSE (Mickey Mouse)." Hes getting a duplo dump truck, a wagon, and a tricycle (from Santa), and a few books.
  • We got my 15 month old a bunch of baby doll accessories (little crib, diaper bag, etc). b/c she's really into her baby and we thought it would be good to encourage that with #2 on the way.
  • We took DD shopping to see what sparked her interest. The short answer is NOTHING. I swear she is her Father's daughter...

    So I got her a new set of pj's and a set of Mickey Little People. She loved playing with the pirate version at my Dad's house!

  • BelhurstBrideBelhurstBride member
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    @LMMama, if you haven't already bought the Dream House look into some of the KidKraft houses. 

    One of my girlfriends has the dream house and complains about the plastic pieces breaking.

    We got the girls the Kid Kraft Once Upon A Time house last year off of an Amazon lighting deal. While huge and larger than I had wanted the girls LOVE it. It still gets played with daily, a year later. And nothing's broken. 
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  • Octonauts playsets
    a dog (but that's soooo not happening)
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  • DD is too young to really understand, but we got her some little wooden instruments that I think she'll love. 
  • My DD is only 13 months but we got her her first play kitchen from Step2, and a Little People Noah's Ark!
  • DS:  Kit Kats and M&Ms
    DD:  Too young and has no idea what is going on.  

    So basically... easiest year ever for this Santa Claus.  
  • My DD is 2.5 and is only just starting to get her head around Santa and Christmas. Asking her what she wanted was met with a blank stare. We got her magna tiles, a soccer ball and a set of cones.

    This is the first year we're doing Christmas stockings. I got one for her and one for baby sister <3 just a little excited!
  • DS1: Anything Ninja Turtles & Batman.
    DS2: Terrified of Santa so he doesn't want anything - he wants his big brother to just share all of his gifts...
  • @michaela0704 @DewyK If you aren't finished shopping yet, check out the TMNT Halfshell Heroes Headquarters. DS got it a couple months ago and plays with it every day. Bonus is its a tall toy, so it doesn't take up much room!
  • DewyKDewyK member
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    My boys would love that! I actually think we're finished with them - but I added that to our Amazon list to save for a future idea. Thanks!
  • DD1: my little pony equestrian girls minis dolls. She's asked two Santa's plus told our elf on a shelf that's what she wants. 

    DD2: Minnie mouse everything

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  • DS is only 21 months but is in love with trucks and his little blue truck books so we got him the little tikes blue truck so he can have a truck of his own. I cannot wait to see his face when he walks into the room on Christmas Morning.

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  • Here's last year's list for the big kid (featured in an article on BuzzFeed Parents) Check out list #3 D (https://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/kitten-thats-alive?utm_term=.rbkWYJBZrY#.fyNvoqzNXo)

    This year it's a little tamer, but the highlights are a drone with a remote, a stuffed animal that changes into another stuffed animal, night vision goggles, and a robot that can do his chores for him (he has no set chores...)
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  • My guy is only 13 months. He's getting a bunch of caterpillar tractors and diggers that I got on half price day at goodwill. 
  • My DD is 3 years old and has high functioning autism. She cannot put full, cohesive sentences together so I go by her current interests:

    -Thomas & Friends
    -Baby Dolls
    And DH & I  bought her a couple of educational toys too.

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  • DS (3 yo) wants a fishing pole and scissors.  An interesting combination.

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  • DS is excited about Santa but hasn't asked for anything besides the word "toys". We got him a kitchen playset as the big gift.
  • DD is 3 and wanted "holes in her ears" and real earrings. I have heard this since last Christmas when she asked for earrings and I got her those plastic clip-on ones. She was not impressed LOL

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