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28 weeks and very very uncomfortable. Any advice?

Im currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins, on full bedrest and I kinda feel like my body won't take much more. Im 5'4" and already measuring at 40 weeks fundal height. My hips are all out of sorts, sciatic pain constant on right side from hip to knee, not to mention the belly skin pain! Am I the only one? or is there a light at the end of the tunnel? This is my third pregnancy but the worst I have ever felt.

Re: 28 weeks and very very uncomfortable. Any advice?

  • I don't really have any advise. I'm 36.2 today and I'm completely miserable. It doesn't get any better. Sorry
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  • I'm 5'4" also and made it to 37 weeks with my girls.  I immediately felt so much better right after I gave birth!  Hang in there mama! 
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  • Mama bee belly cream helped with my stretched skin and I tried to stay active by walking.  I know it's hard but I really believe it helped me post partum.  I made it to 37+5 with my twins -who are 3 months tomorrow!! Like it was mentioned above, as soon as they were born I felt so much relief!! Back pain, heartburn and my crazy cough all disappeared.  The upcoming weeks will go fast and slow but you're almost there!! 
  • I'm sorry mama! It's hard carrying multiples. Some people have the hip/ligament pain and some don't. Unfortunately I was in the same boat as you. At 22 weeks I had to stop going out and then at 26 bedrest until triplets born at 30 weeks. I snuggled up in the pregnancy pillow and shifted around as needed to get comfortable. 

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