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New Years plans and hopeful resolutions

I thought it might be fun to discuss plans for new years, or the potential lack thereof haha. Anyone attempting anything? 

Also, even though I loathe the pressure people put on themselves, I do find the new year a good time to reevaluate and attempt some realistic changes. I thought since many of us are pondering them, I'm sure, we could discuss them and help one another find our game faces!

Re: New Years plans and hopeful resolutions

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    I want to:
    A. Take some parenting classes after we get SS back. We could both use some well-guided information on how to better parent a child with special emotional needs. And it couldn't hurt for general parenting anyway.
    B. Fit back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe by Valentine's Day, Easter at the absolute latest.

    And we have no plans as of yet. Couldn't say one way or the other whether or we will. I'd be content to watch the ball drop with the kiddos then hit the sack.
  • I'm sure I will just be at home watching the ball drop. I don't really have anyone here that I'll let watch my LO. 
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  • I have the same plans that I do every year. At home and in bed by 8.

    I'm not into resolutions either. I was back to my pre-preg weight 3 weeks after I had LO. I have been holding onto the 20 pounds I never lost after my 5 year old. Those I've been working on losing.

  • 1. I want to be back in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe by this summer. End of summer at the latest. I lost 75 lbs before my wedding and I haven't weighed myself yet post-partum because I'm terrified but nothing fits even a little so I'm guessing it's not gonna be pretty. 

    2. I want to cut our debt by at least half. H is making more money now and with our tax return this year, it shouldn't be a problem but we're gonna have to be smart with money which we typically aren't.  

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  • I lost all of the weight I gained during pregnancy plus an extra 10lbs then gained the 10lbs right back lmao so I'm working on getting back down to my ideal weight.  Hopefully I can lose The extra pounds by Valentine's Day as well (crossing my fingers) 

    we're also trying to move into a new home by mid February so let's see how that goes. 

    As for actual New Year's Eve plans we don't really have any as of right now 
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  • No plans this year. Maybe some bubbly at whatever time we decide is 'midnight'. 
    My resolution is to get more outside adventures in with my kids. And I'd like to start training to do a half or full marathon this summer. 
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  • I'd like to run a marathon one day too =)
  • I've done a few halves, but have never stuck to training enough to even consider a full marathon. I'm hoping this is my year
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  • Goals: *To keep working out 3-4  times a week.
    *Work on keeping a balance between DH, LO, and myself. 
    * Work on eliminating some debt. 

    Plans: We normally go to our friends (my only friend :neutral: ) house on New Years Eve, so I'm guessing it will be the same this year. 
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  • Keep working on paying down debt. We eliminated 2 of H's 3 student loans last year. I doubt we can finish the last one this year with the cost of having s new baby, but we can certainly pay it down. Find him a new part time job that allows us to spend more time together as a family, and give us some couple time. Get baby in his crib at night. As far as NYE, I'm not sure. We usually have a party for our family, but I'm not sure I want to take it on with a baby. I usually cook all day and that won't be possible. H is also working til 10:45, so most of the prep and actual party will take place without him.
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  • I don't think we'll do anything special for NYE and I don't usually make resolutions, but I think I will this year! 

    Financial Resolution - Pay off all of my personal debt and start putting more money into savings

    Health Resolution - Since I had GD I had lost 27 LBS when I had Remy. Then I fractured my foot, sat around all day, and well, thanksgiving so I gained  a bunch back. My goal is to get back on the GD diet I was on and exercise more.

    Relationship Resolution - Date night weekend at LEAST once a month. I gotta bring that spark back. 

    Personal Resolution - Start skating again. I used to play roller derby and I miss it so much. I tried to go back to playing before I got pregnant but I had gotten so out of shape that I was so down on myself and gave up. 

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