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Random funny situation today

So I'm 14 weeks pregnant ds is 14 months. I had to run to puke tonight and my toddler followed he preceeded to try to tickle my arm close the toilet cover on my head and play with my hair. He then closed the bathroom door and started taking everything out of a cabinet. oh man 

Re: Random funny situation today

  • That's funny.  He already tries to tickle you?  Smart kid!

    I remember that during my early pregnancy with George, I'd be sitting in the car with Zach (maybe 19 months old at the time) waiting to pick up the big kids from school.  I had my barf bucket sitting next to me in the minivan.  Whenever I had to use it, Zach would say, "Mommy sick!" and then make barfing noises.

    It was awful and hilarious.
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  • DD follows me, makes fake puking noises and then laughs hysterically 
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  • DD follows me, makes fake puking noises and then laughs hysterically 
    I have the opposite problem! My sweet boy is terrifying of my heaving!! So, I'm either dry heaving loud or puking and he crawls after me so scared then starts crying. So, after puking I have to smile and be like MOMMY is fine!!!! Then he's a stage five clinger. Lol I puke then comfort him between heaving so he's OKAY. It's exhausting. 
  • Aww poor kid, I was dealing with a really stressful situation the other day and my DH said something mildly bitchy to me on the phone and thanks pregnancy hormones I started sobbing and my poor little girl was so scared for me I felt even worse and went straight into ugly cry... yay hormones, I'm so over this crap.
  • Just this weekend I was about to walk out holding my son and he cleared his throat and I lost it. we went into the bathroom I sat cross legged since thats the only way I wont pee all over when I throw up and he sat in my lap and played with the shower curtain next to us lol @mill1020 yes he loves being tickled and will try to initiate it every night. I hate being tickled so I am unsure if this child is actually mine despite him coming out of me! Obviously hes still only 15 months old and its like the softest tickle in the world but its too cute when he tries
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