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Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers?

Is anyone getting their daycare teachers anything for the holidays? If so, what will you get them? I would like to get mine something, they're all so sweet. I just don't know what to get. Gift cards? Candy? Thanks for the feedback!

Re: Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers?

  • We usually bring in bagels or some kind of breakfast food some time in mid-Dec for the whole center to enjoy as our appreciation. I don't like to get specific things because although we have 2 main teachers for my son, there are others that assist at times and I wouldn't know how many gifts to get.
  • Oh my! Would love to know some ideas - I hadn't even thought about getting them gifts!
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  • We bring our daughter to a day home rather than a daycare... and are buying our prover a gift card to the local liquor store. It will be well deserved and enjoyed! 

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  • I made my daughter's teachers a teachers survival kit (pinterest) and got them each a starbucks gift card. She is in preschool but I know both of them are as into coffee as I am.  The bagel idea for the whole center is great as well..
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