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c section w scar tissue

I had an emergency c section years ago. Well during a tube removal last year, it was discovered that I have this "huge pile of stuff" meaning scar tissue all attached to my bowel. and little to bladder.  I am scared to death.. what does this mean for second pregnancy and delivering? The dr said it would only be an issue if I need another c section ( which I will) and that they will need a general surgeon on stand-by. to avoid cutting the bowel.. this whole thing sounds incredibly risky.. He said I would be even higher risk. anyone have experience or know of this

Re: c section w scar tissue

  • That sounds like a pretty rare occurance, but it also sounds like your doctor is already well prepared for the situation. If he is going to have another surgeon on standby, it would probably be a gastrointestinal surgeon who knows his/her way around the bowels so risks are likely low with two trained professionals keeping an eye on things. Sounds like your biggest worry really should be the bill after having two surgeons present ;) And keep in mind it may be a little trickier and take a while longer to conceive having had a tube removal, which I'm sure you're already aware of. Best of luck to you!
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