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Cows milk

Hi mommas!
My LO turned 1 a couple of weeks ago, and we recently saw her pediatrician who suggested we start to give her cows milk now that she's at this milestone. I was wondering if you ladies had any recommendations on any specific brand or type of cows milk to introduce to a 12month old. My husband and I follow a regular vegan diet, so we primarily drink almond milk. It's been quite some time since we've drank cows milk, so I'm assuming there's got to be some better quality versions of it at the supermarket. Any advice you can give is much appreciated! Thanks!

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  • My pedi and WIC both recommend whole milk. It has the correct balance of proteins, fats, and iron for them to grow.

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  • I would say try an organic milk brand. The difference in taste is amazing. Horizon is pretty good and has omega 3s too.
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  • Cows milk is not completely necessary. If you are still BFing, it isn't at all. If not BFing, If you can find a substitute that offers the same fat and protein content, that would work just as well. Baby animals stop drinking milk for a reason. Baby humans do not have a NEED to start drinking another animals milk.
    That being said, I give my kids cows milk because WIC provides it in abundance and they actually like it (gag), but H and I loathe cows milk. We use rice milk. If WIC didn't provide cows milk, we would modify their diets to ensure they recieve more calcium, vitamin D, and fats from the foods they eat.
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