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Breaking the cycle

Hello ladies, I'm new but happy to be here. I just ended an abusive, unhealthy relationship. Our daughter is 10 weeks old, and a fight Tuesday night turned physical and I finally called the cops and told my family and work. It's going to get ugly before it gets clean, but I'm glad that the situation is changing. I wish it hasn't turned out this way, but I have to face reality and be strong for myself and my daughter.

I wanted to join this board for support moving forward, and to let others know it can be done. I intend to start counseling soon as well, but finally being open and honest about everything is going to be my first step in the healing process.

I hope he finally considers this rock bottom and takes the appropriate steps to fix his situation and starts making better decisions for the sake of our daughter. It may be too late for us, but luckily she's young enough where she may never have to know what happened.

Anyways, I'm nervous about starting my journey as a single parent, and TIA for the support!

Re: Breaking the cycle

  • Good for you! What a strong and courageous thing to do, one day your baby girl will be very thankful and proud. Good luck with everything :)
  • I'm on a similar boat. Except I didn't call the cops and was being abused throughout my pregnancy and after. I decided to leave because of my daughter too. How are you doing now after counseling? 
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