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  • @allythekid I really hope things go well for you tomorrow! I'm sorry for what you're going through. Eff cps and the whole foster system. Seriously.

    We are having a hard time here with getting DS to sleep in his bassinet too. The cycle goes like this: I breastfeed him for 20/30m until he falls asleep, wait another 30m ish until his arms are limp when I lift them up, then slowly and carefully place him in the bassinet... All whole letting the room quiet and dark. But like clockwork, AS SOON as he hits that tiny mattress his eyes open And within 5 minutes he's up and crying again. So I repeat. Usually from 12-5am until he finally sleeps for real. 
    I read on Google that putting a hot water bottle in the bed you warm it before placing him down may help... bought one today at Walmart so we're trying it tonight!
  • @Kittens22 Let us know if it works. I can't get LO to sleep in the bassinet either. 

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  • We were also struggling to get LO to sleep in the rock and play at night. The first week, we were just co-sleeping, and I was so afraid to roll over onto him, that I wasn't really sleeping well. One of my coworkers recommended reading The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I have to say this book was a game changer. We are also using the Miracle Blanket swaddle, as Joseph loves putting his arms by his face, and then he startles himself awake. We are now using white noise, the Miracle Blanket swaddle, and getting 4 hour stretches of sleep at night. Huge win...for now. I feel like now that we have somewhat of a routine in place, things are going to change any moment now...lol.

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  • Ugh, so in addition to posts disappearing from the board, where the hell did the tickers go!??? 

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  • Well, court went well for FI. We found out some things that shocked us to death today. Hoping to have DS back within the week!
    Yay. Great news!
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  • Glad to hear it went your way today @AllyTheKid
  • Good to hear @AllyTheKid! Also @kmyers228 I definitely feel the same about my body. I lost a bunch right after, and then just stopped losing anything at all. It's so frustrating because there are still about 20 lbs hanging on, and even if I lost them, I'm not sure my stomach would look good again. Wah Wahhh
  • @SpaceBurger It is 100% possible to make your tummy look good again. I did twice, only difference was my belly button looked slightly different, but in a way that only I would ever notice.
  • Glad court went well, Ally!
  • Hey ladies haven't been on in forever. Can someone please remind me how I can request to be added to the Facebook group. I seem to be on Facebook a lot more than on here lately. And I dnt wanna continue to miss out on all the fun lol
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  • @Kittens22 you explained my life. LO was waking up within 5 mins of putting her down even when I thought she was in a deep sleep. At night after her last evening feeding, usually ending between 9/9:30, I swaddle her, change her, make sure the room is dark and quiet, and either walk or rock her till she's asleep. Then like u I wait another 15 mins or so and place her in her rock and play.  When I put her in there I keep her as close to my body as possible while setting her down so she can continue to feel the warmth. This has seemed to work for her and also seems that she has established 10:00 as her bedtime. I get a 4-6 hr stretch of sleep from that. If only daytime naps would work out.  Daytime I cosleep and that barely works. 
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