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Wonder weeks question

Hi all, lurker from June here.  Some of our babes are getting into leap 5 hardcore.  Many of us already did sleep training and I know my DS was sleeping like a champ.  we did sleep training at 4 months cause he was ready and also we had to pacifier wean due to ear infections.  Put himself down, took good sized naps and never had night wakings since.  Then the leap hit and all hell broke loose.  Naps are about 30 min and only 3 of those little naps a day and he started waking up at night again.  We are just entering the worst week yet and it's supposed to get better after that.  Anyone have advice?  I don't wanna coddle him too much when it comes to the night waking cause I don't want to undo all the sleep training but I feel so bad if he's crying for a good reason.  Did your babies go right back to normal sleep after this leap was done or did some of you have to start sleep training all over again?

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    I did a quite a bit of pick up put down in the beginning of leap 5 and was succesful in getting night wakings down to 1...for a bit. My DS now wakes up twice but I'm ok with that because I think he's going through separation anxiety and he's cutting a tooth. I know for pu/pd you might have to employ again when necessary. I've had to use pu/pd sometimes but it never lasted as long as when I did it initially. 
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  • After DS left his 4 month sleep regression he slept like a champ, waking up once maybe twice a night if that. Sometimes STTN, even through leap 5. Well those days are long gone for us. Hate to be the bearer of bad news bears here, but ever since DS cut his two bottom teeth and now the top two are little assholes trying to cut through too, we have been back to sleeping worse than a newborn. Whatever "sleep training" I did went out the window. We are now being rocked back to sleep and co sleeping because mama literally cannot deal anymore. I would say getting him to sleep would be like pulling teeth out but that is one sickly ironic joke because well.... teething. OH YES. AND THE SEPARATION ANXIETY IS INSANE.
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