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Trying to join the fun

I'm a FTM, little one born October 14th. I've been lurking on here for months but didn't find the group until late pregnancy and it didn't feel right to jump in. I'm not on Facebook and was wondering if I can meet here with you guys, if you'll have me! Sad to see the board so lonely... I don't have many friends that can relate so I'd love to have some mama interaction with you guys!

I would have posted in the intros and such but I can't weed through a million posts to find it haha

Re: Trying to join the fun

  • Hello @rosdoss, I personally don't see the harm in joining in even if you're a little late to the party haha. It is definitely really quiet on here lately, which stinks! 
  • Welcome! It's awfully lonesome on here these days, but the few of us that are left surely don't mind the company!
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  • Well I appreciate it. I'll find the intros and post one just to get acquainted. but I will definitely do my best to liven it up on here ! it's a shame because the post baby psyche needs the support far more than the pregnant psyche, IMO haha
  • Just read your intro and I was due on the 12th too but ended up being induced on the 21st. 
  • Welcome @rosdoss! Our babies are birthday twins!
  • I'm glad you want to join! I'm not in the facebook group (on facebook but never felt like I had been active enough to ask for an invite) so I'd love to see this group stay active!

  • @kmyers228 I was only induced due to her measurements being in the 99th percentile! it wasn't the most fun, she really didn't want to come out haha. but if they had let me wait I don't know that she would have made it out!
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