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Team Green mamas

For those of you not finding out the sex until the delivery room, are you having any "feelings" of what the baby/babies may be? 

This is is my fourth pregnancy, and the only one we've decided on being team Green. With my others I just KNEW what they were in my gut and each and every one of them were exactly as I felt. This time around I don't know if it's because we aren't finding out but I have no feeling, or if I do it flip flops daily! 

Just curious where you all are on this  :)

Re: Team Green mamas

  • I have 2 boys and everyone, and sometimes me, think I'm having a girl. I am having a little bit different of a pregnancy this time. Main symptom: I cry at everything. I will tell a story and start crying. I will watch a commercial and start crying. Lol. 

    Im not fully convinced symptoms really mean anything. 

    I was also convinced I was having a girl with my first for some reason and I had a boy so I'm bad at this game. I never tried to guess with my second. 

    We we knew for the first and didn't find out for our second. I liked both. I thought there was pros and cons to both. My husband loved not finding out so we decided this way. 
  • I have no idea and didn't know last time either. All of the wives tales and friends said they knew it was a boy, I just enjoyed the ride and played out scenarios with either sex. I'm doing the same this time around too. Wives tales point to girl, but I have no clue. I think since I already have a boy it makes it easier to envision life with a girl, because I already know what having a boy looks like.

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  • This is my second pregnancy.  The first ended in a miscarriage but I had a strong feeling it was a boy.  This time I don't feel anything.  Several people "just know" I'm having a girl.  We'll see  ;)
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  • This is my first and I think it's a boy.  Wives tales tend to point to girl, but my gut says boy.  DH is hoping I'm not jinxing it, since he's a little scared to have a girl.
  • We're Team Green...this is my first pregnancy so I have absolutely no idea what it is. My husband thinks it'll be a boy since my uterus is already very high and large for where I am in the pregnancy (according to my midwives). He's also trying to figure out what it'll be based on the point of conception...some say boy sperms swim faster so he's calculating where the egg could've been and whether a boy or girl sperm would've gotten there first :)
  • This is my third and fourth baby, and my intuition has always been wrong haha So now that there are two, I just have no clue! 
    I can't decide if I'm committed to Team Green at this point, so tentatively! We were with our last child, it was great. 
  • This is my third pregnancy and all 3 have been different (at least up until this point).  My first was a boy, second was a girl.  I don't know why, but I feel like this LO is a girl. DS is so desperate for a baby brother and I just have this sinking suspicion he is going to have another sister. 
  • This will be our second baby. We found out with DS but even before we found out I just "knew" he was a boy. With this one, a lot of my friends who know are convinced it's a girl based on when we conceived and the heart rate. Part of me thinks girl, but I also have always felt like I'm just destined to be a boy mom, so I'm leaning more towards boy solely based on that feeling since I've always felt that way. 
  • Love team green! 
    We were with DD and I had a feeling it was a girl, but was afraid it was just my mind because I wanted a girl.

    This time we're team green again and I am thinking boy.
    Part of me wants it to be another girl because I'm cheap and I already have everything. lol.  As well as if it's another girl, we'll most likely go for a 3rd.  If it's a boy we're 50/50 on whether or not we'll ride the IF roller coaster again.
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  • We found out with DD. I had a feeling that it was a girl. Part of me would like another girl just because I have EVERYTHING. I do have a feeling that this LO is a boy. If it is, we will most likely be done and I don't think I'm ready for that yet.
  • We were team green with DD (not by choice) and I was SO convinced that she was a boy lol. But I'm literally wrong 100% of the time when I try to guess what people are having. DH wants to be team green again but I don't think I can handle it a second time. I don't have "gut feeling" either way this time. In my head I've been planning on it being a girl but I think that's just because that's all I know so far since I've never had a boy before! 
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  • We were Team Green with both of our girls. I had a feeling both of them were girls, but never vocalized it. 

    We're finding out this time around. If it is a boy I have a ton of crap I'd rather start getting rid of now, rather than this summer. I'd also like to get to design a nursery that isn't gender non specific.
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  • We loved not finding out with dd, and we plan to do the same this time. I was pretty convinced she was a girl though. I am kind of feeling girl again, but that may be mostly because dh and I love so many girl names and basically no boy names. It's easier to picture a baby we have  a name for!
  • I desperately want to be Team Green.  I didn't find out with my first son, but DH (I'm remarried) is adamant that we find out.  We really want this baby to be a girl, but I still love the excitement of finding out in the delivery room rather than on an ultrasound.  Plus, since my last pregnancy, I've heard so many stories of people finding out and then finding out at delivery that what they were told was wrong.

    I still don't know how to convince my super Type A everything has to be perfectly planned husband to go with the flow and let it be a surprise.
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  • @awillis13 Tell him that the anatomy scan is only 30 minutes long and if he can make it through that then he has no choice but to wait until birth!
  • This will be our first and we already knew that we were going to be team green, at least for this one. I don't have a feeling either way if it's a boy or a girl yet, but I'm hoping I might start getting a "sense" or something the further along I get. Everyone else is convinced I'm having a boy based on wives craving cheese and my sweet tooth falling off the face of the Earth. 
  • @itsfine I've tried that and a million other ways.  He is dead set on finding out.  Part of the reason I don't want to....I loathe gender reveals (maybe that should be saved for UO.  I don't know why everything has to be this big party/gathering.

    we still have 10-12 weeks to get him on board, and maybe after we tell the family this weekend some of the older family members will be able to help me convince him.
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  • @Sirius37 I had a crazy sweet tooth with my first and it was a boy, so....
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  • Team Green! I hope we stick with it! My first was a boy, no feelings on what this one will be. i do hope for a girl, but will be okay either way. 
  • We were Team Green with both my viable pregnancies.  This pregnancy has been a lot different but I'm not putting much stalk in symptoms.  The real Chinese calendar was right with both boys though and says girl this time... and the ring test is the same EVERY TIME (boy, boy, girl, girl). So if I'm going by that, we have a baby girl. Who knows though.  HAHA

    @Wino0920 - you took the words right out of my mouth.  I KNEW this baby was a girl and then started getting boy vibes.  Now I'm back to girl and I'll I can think of is I just think its a girl because of my boys.  I also swore DS1 was a girl for the first 8 months of my pregnancy then had a quick switch when we got solid on our boy name.  (With DS2, I never wavered that he was a boy.)  

    I also can't decide if I'm committed to TG this time or not like @halfthetree  DH is 100% steady but also doesn't care if we do find out.  He just doesn't want a party.

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  • Tell him you can plan for a baby and not know it's sex! I am so glad we did it that way with dd, because now all our newborn stuff and big purchases are gender neutral, so we can reuse everything no matter what this one is. If you know, people will get you gendered stuff, so if you decide to have number 3, you will be back at square one. There is seriously  nothing you can't plan, just a tiny bit more effort to decide on two names instead of one and talking through stuff like circumcision that could be irrelevant. But if he is a true Type A he would want to do that stuff anyway in case they  it wrong at the anatomy scan. :-)
  • We found out with DD but didn't tell anyone until our baby shower. That made it fun to play the guessing games in the baby's sex and we were able to reveal the answer while everyone was there.

    I really don't want to find out this time, but the Mr is adamant that he must know. Only time will tell who wins this Team Green battle...

  • Team green first time round. had a guy feeling it was a boy and EVERONE was telling me it's a boy ..... Beautiful baby girl. Congrats to everyone who is team green. so hard to hold off
  • @ellie111227 I'm trying to tell him that.  This is technically #3 for us because we both have 1 from our previous marriages.  We both desperately want it to be a girl, because we just can't handle another boy, but that doesn't make me want to find out any sooner.  

    I would be surprised if we had another baby shower, but you never know.  I'm still working on him....
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    Tell him there is no greater surprise that he will ever experience in his life. Let him know that you want him to be the one to announce what the baby is in the delivery room so that you two can share that moment versus an ultrasound tech, voicemail, or reading it from an envelope. It's a feeling he won't ever know unless he experiences it first hand. Good luck!! 

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    Also for the planner side you can plan things just as easily being team green. Gender neutral baby things are super cute! Then you still get to have fun after the baby is born buying the pinks or blues. 

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  • @awillis13 I'm a planner and have been (and always will be) Team green.  There is more than enough to prepare for without worrying about pink vs blue decor.  A girl doesn't have to have pink all over and a boy doesn't need to have blue all over.  Neutral tones and a neutral theme can be so cute.  We had both our son and daughter use the same neutral nursery and once baby arrived, we picked out other colors or decor to complement the yellows and greens.  We picked a neutral tone crib and other furniture.  It worked out great and we were plenty busy.  

    Also remind him that your not wanting to know is just as important as his wanting to know so he needs to find a way to compromise with you.  I have met couples in which one person knew the sex of the baby, but not the other. Just make sure he keeps it to himself (the tech can right down the sex on a piece of paper) and remind him that if he buys anything special in advance to keep it hidden so nothing is spoiled for you.
  • @Elyse1384 I don't know how couples do that - one know and one not.  I would imagine if you know you just naturally use gender specific pronouns or have other ways of giving it away.  I'm very much in the both know or no one knows.  And the gender specific colors is a factor for me.  I hate pink.  So.Much. I would rather not have it look like pink threw up on my house.

    I'm basically working on a way to compromise.  Like I also want to use cloth diapers, but he's dead against that too.  So I've thrown out there that we either find out and use cloth or don't find out and use disposables.  He''s not completely sold on that yet.  

    I just found my desire to know during delivery such a motivator to get through those tough late stage labor/delivery pains.
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  • Extended family ftw.  After we announced at thanksgiving, this topic came up, and almost everyone at the table was on my side of this.  I think he has reluctantly agreed.  We'll see what happens when it's time for the anatomy scan.
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