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Happiness Thread *Week of 11/20/16*

Sorry for being MIA from TB, just difficult to find time these days & mobile sucks!!

Anyway, with Thanksgiving approaching I thought it might be appropriate to revive this topic. What are you happy/thankful about this week? 

I don't know where to even start. This LO has brought so much happiness & joy to our lives. Life has definitely completely changed, but I'm loving it! I love spending our nights at home, all of us snuggled up on the couch. I'm thankful that our pups have done so well with Elli so far - I was a bit worried about that. So grateful that H has really stepped up and is being such a great dad & caretaker. Watching him with her just melts my heart. Oh & wine. Thankful for wine!! 


Re: Happiness Thread *Week of 11/20/16*

  • I'm so grateful for this LO. We waited so long for her to complete our family. Also, I'm thankful that we have a house that can accommodate both of our families for the holiday (even though I will complain about hosting it with a newborn.) 
  • Yes, so thankful for LO and that she is healthy and doing so well, she really is awesome! I'm happy that the holiday season is here and can't wait to pull out the Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, I love how cozy the house is with all the lights, the tree,etc. 
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  • I'm so very thankful to be doing better after all my complications from delivery. My family and friends have been so amazingly supportive to myself and my kids during this time and I'm thankful to have people in my life and my kids lives that love us. My boys and my husband are my greatest blessings so this time of year is just a little bit more sweet with getting to spend it with them. 
  • Glad you're feeling better @christinab0722!
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