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Still stumped on a name for baby girl!

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I'm due in 4 weeks and we are still stumped for a name! Most of these names have been on our list from day 1, but we can't seem to pull the trigger on making a final decision. Middle name will be Kristine. Thoughts??? Thank you!

Still stumped on a name for baby girl! 92 votes

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40% 37 votes
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27% 25 votes

Re: Still stumped on a name for baby girl!

  • Love Whitney!

    Everyone knows it but very underused.

    Avery is already dated and is like Ashley. Masculine turned trendy on girls, dated several years after

    Julia is nice just nms. 

    Samantha is a solid name just a bit eh for my taste. 

  • I really dislike Avery since it has now gone to girls. I like Julia and Samantha, but love Whitney. I hardly ever hear that name anymore.
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  • Whitney is very refreshing!
  • Julia is one of my favorite names but DH won't let us use it bc he has a friend named Julia.  So that gets my vote.
  • I have a julia and all of those names were on our long list except for Avery.  I really dislike Avery on a girl.  I think Whitney sounds best with Kristine.
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  • Love Julia and it pairs perfectly with Kristine.
  • I like all them all except Avery. I voted Julia as it is my favorite of the 3 but I wouldn't mind any of them. 
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  • Thanks for the votes and feedback! I think Avery was my "rebellious" trendy name because the others are more classic, but I realize it's not really my style. Still some debating to do on the other 3 names....hopefully we can decide before baby gets here!
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