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Thoughts on names with repetitive lettering...?

I looked at the pinned posts and lurked a little... hopefully I'm not posting out of turn.

Wanted to gauge what some of the groups thoughts are for either first names and/or middle names that start with the same letter as the little one's last name.

I know it could depend on the name and sounds more than the letter... I kind of like the idea for a girl to have the same initial for her middle and last name so that if/when she ever gets married and changes her name the middle initial will always stay the same, however, I do plan on getting some things monogrammed and I think it might look odd to have all 3 letters the same.

Re: Thoughts on names with repetitive lettering...?

  • I personally would try to avoid alliteration in names, it can come across as cheesy or storybook in my opinion .  

    But as you mentioned, it really comes down to the actual names themselves . 
  • I know a Step.hanie Suz.anne Sta____t 
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  • I feel like it really depends on the names. It's probably nothing I would try to do but for example my DD is Giada and our last name is a very Italian sounding G name. It flows but in many cases I think names can appear cartoonish. My one son has a J middle name so it sounds a bit like our G surname but again not super song songy.  Overall though I would probably avoid three same letters 

  • Personally I avoid any of the same letters in the same name. 
  • Our daughter's first and last names will both start with M. Didn't think about the alliteration much, we were just trying to find something that sounded good with our (very Celtic) last name!
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  • My name is Kylee Kay, and I've always liked having the repetitive lettering (and also, how my monogram looks with a "K" on each side...haha). However, I agree with others that it really depends on the names.
  • My opinion is that most alliteration sounds like a character from a children's cartoon. I'd avoid it in most cases. 
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  • I really don't think it matters unless the names rhyme or are very similar, in which case I wouldn't. Having repetitive initial/s doesn't bother me.
  • I dropped my maiden name altogether, so my middle name has stayed the same. I don't think that should be a reason to have the same letters.
  • bacorrea said:
    I dropped my maiden name altogether, so my middle name has stayed the same. I don't think that should be a reason to have the same letters.
    I agree with this - it's also becoming increasingly common for women to not change their last name when they get married.  If you like the alliteration, that's one thing, but I wouldn't assume your daughter is going to do X,Y,Z when she gets married (or even assume she'll get married at all).
  • It's really hard to know without knowing the actual names
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  • Growing up, both my first and last name started with the letter K. Although I didn't hate it, people would often repeat my name back to me over and over in a sing-songy voice when they first met me or walked past me in the hallway in school. I didn't feel like they were really making fun of me, but it was a little annoying. I took my husband's name (different initial) and am happy not to hear that all the time anymore. We didn't name our kids with any of the same initial letters on purpose. 
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  • I grew up with a super alliterative name. My maiden name was a pretty common girl's first name that started with 'A', and then my parents ALSO gave me super popular (at the time) 'A' names for my first and middle. I. Hated. It. My monograms were so boring looking (I actually threw a fit when anyone got me anything monogrammed) and I got teased a lot (people doing the sing-song-y thing, not actually calling me by my name but just AAA, etc.). I dropped my maiden name in a second just to have an different initial in there (but my LN is a near rhyme with my FN, so I can't win, haha). For that reason, I really, really dislike alliterative names, but I am obviously biased.

    If this one is a girl, her middle and last initial will be the same, but not out of any intention. I've always wanted to honor my grandmother by using her name, and they just happen to start with the same letter.

    I agree with PP's that it's difficult to say without knowing the names.
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  • I like it!
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