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Midwife scales MUST be wrong?!

Twice in one week I've had a massive panic about my baby's weight. 

On Monday (6 days old) we were told that she'd lost 23% of her birth weight. After being told we'd probably get hospitalised and would need to rethink the breastfeeding, and then me bursting into floods of tears, the midwife weighed her again just to double check, and we were then told that it was okay and she'd only lost 7.22%.

Then on Wednesday evening, another midwife came round and said that she'd only put on 6g in two days and she should've put on at least 40. This again made me doubt breastfeeding and we ended up feeding her formula that night as I was so worried she was not getting enough food. 

We then had the health visitor come on Thursday morning who weighed her again.  According to these scales she'd put on 94g in one night. 

I dont know know what to do.  My husband wants to refuse to get her weighed again as it's clearly so unreliable. But I just want reassurance that things are on track. 
The breastfeeding counsellor said that it looked like breastfeeding was going well. 

Any advice? Or anyone had to deal with similar?
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Re: Midwife scales MUST be wrong?!

  • Maybe ask your midwife when the scales were last calibrated. That's crazy that no one has noticed such a disparity in the weights. If it's the scale you can't be the only one. Or ask for the weight to be taken with a different scale if the number seems off.
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  • How many wet and poop diapers?  that's also a good indicator of baby getting enough milk.
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  • My sister had the same problem with scales that didn't work properly and everyone was panicking.
    So when that happened with me on day 3 and they told me I probably couldn't take my baby home she said: do it again and find a new scale! (I'm so happy my sister was there) and miraculously my baby was doing just fine.
    So don't be afraid to ask for a new scale or that they try again.
    If your baby is doing fine, pees, wakes up by itself don't worry.
    When my little girl did loose weight she was very lifeless and I could hardly get her to wake up for breastfeeding. I knew something was off, so when they came home to check (I called them and in the Netherlands the first two weeks they do house visits) it was no surprise she lost weight and I had to bottle feed instead.


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