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Cats In Crib?

I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and this is our first. We have the crib set up (without sheets on it yet) in the spare bedroom, the cats slept in it at first but I haven't seen them in it in several weeks. 

I was curious, to people who have cats and babies, if they have any problem with their cats jumping in the crib/bassinet with the baby? (NOTE: I am not asking about getting rid of the cats, they are my babies too and they will always be.I get so annoyed when I see people say they have to get rid of their pets because "a baby is on the way.")

We have 4 cats. One doesnt really like to snuggle with anyone, so I'm not worried about her. The other snuggles with my hubby and I, but stays away from new people and kids. One likes to play with everyone, kids or adults, but doesn't really snuggle. And the fourth is a huge snuggler with everyone. (He usually stays away from little little kids, babies/toddlers, but does like to play and snuggle with quiet kids and pretty much any adult.)  

At first I thought of locking the cats out of the bedroom until the baby is strong enough to move around (we will be having her in our bedroom for the first several months) but bedtime has always been time for our one cat in particular (the one that likes to snuggle with us but not other people) to snuggle (he always sleeps on our feet.) And I know that if we try to lock the cats out of our bedroom, they will yowl,all night, and scratch trying to get in. 

Those of you who have cats and newborns, do they jump in with the baby? Im thinking the cats are going to want to stay the heck away from the new noise box :) but just thought I'd check and see what other people had experienced. We could try to make the crib/bassinet a scary place somehow (tinfoil/ballons maybe?) when we first set up the bassinet and get the crib ready. Or if there are any other tips on keeping them out of the bassinet. I'd really prefer not to lock them out, I don't think we'd get much of a sleep and the cats wouldn't understand either. But worst case scenario we will have to. Just hoping we can find a way to just keep them out of the crib/bassinet or hoping just to be able to watch them and the cats wont jump in because baby is in there.


Re: Cats In Crib?

  • I have two cats. They slept in his pack n play when we set it up. When we brought LO home the cats originally went up an sniffed around him but never got too close. The only time they would attempt to come near him was when I was holding it him. They wanted to snuggle with me and I think they were a little jealous. I've been locking them out of my room for awhile since one likes to try and suck on my ear and he was doing it in the middle of the night. 
    I wouldn't worry about it too much. However if the weigh over 15lbs I'd be concerned if you are using the pack n play bassinet the weight limit is 15lbs. 
    The baby is now almost 14 months old, he loves the cats and I think atleast my male is pretty fond of him. I went to get him after a nap and George the ear sucker jumped out of his crib. I should've know something was up as LO was babbling away when he woke up. My female cat on the other hand will sleep on his dresser changing pad a watch him but rarely lets him too close. She at this very moment is snuggling and falling asleep on me so don't assume your snuggle bugs will try the same with the baby. 
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  • My cat is too fat to jump into DD's crib. Hah. But he still is somewhat protective of her when she's on the floor on her play mat, although he doesnt care to be around her when she's being loud. 

    Just keep an eye on them when you introduce baby to them. :)

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  • We have one cat and we put aluminum foil in the crib before our son arrived, since cats hate foil. I'm not sure if it worked because she really just had no interest in any of the new baby things, which I thought was odd. Our cat has never jumped into his crib. The only thing she would occasionally try to jump in was the pack n play or his changing table. And she would never do either of those things when he was in them since she was terrified of him. When he was sleeping in his own room, we closed the door so the cat couldn't get in. In our room, we eventually let her stay, especially once we saw that she wanted nothing to do with him anyway.
  • My cats slept in the crib before the baby came but once the baby came they no longer slept in there. They didn't know what to think of the baby. 
  • I have a tortie that was friendly but not snuggly before I got pregnant. Now she is always laying with or on me. She doesn't bother our baby girl except to sniff her. Most of the time she ignores the baby and when jumping on the couch will almost step on her. I've caught our cat in the crib, bassinet, changing table, swing, and car seat but never when the baby is using them. I don't like cat hair on the baby things so I shoo her out of anything she gets in then lint roll it.  :p
  • My more snuggly cat would get in the crib and on the changing table and in the bouncy chair before DD was born, but as soon as he realized that those belonged to her he wanted nothing to do with them anymore.  And this cat will literally sleep on top of DH's face at night.  He is not interested in the tiny loud thing.  Even now that she is older (16 months) he stays away from her for the most part.  Our other cat isn't mean or anything but doesn't really like anyone other than DH, and he actually lets DD pet him on occasion.  But he doesn't like jumping that high, so he'd never get in the crib.  He won't even sleep in the bed with us.


    The cat did take over the Boppy Lounger pillow that we got and never really used because DD figured out how to roll out of it before she was even 3 months old.  And they will both sleep on the rocker in the nursery occasionally when we're not in there.  I was worried before DD was born, but it has really been a non-issue.

  • My cat is extremely cuddly yet she stays away from my little girl.
    She does join us when I'm feeding her. I have one full lap, yet she doesn't lay on top of her, and tries not to lay too close.
    As I moved houses and my little girl came early she actually was in the new house before the for the cat the baby came with the house. And the crib was full with baby from day one :)
    My cat does like to sleep with me, even though she's not allowed. 
    To comprimise I put down a blanket on the bed and she sleeps there. Even when my little girl sleeps next to me.
    I do however not let them be alone together, as I'm not comfortable with that.


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