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Baby after bariatric surgery anyone?

Hello! I'm new! 11w3d today, Edd is may 30. I have 1 DD whom is almost 3.
So back in may 2016, I had the gastric sleeve done, I've lost 83lbs so far! woohoo go me! But my Paraguard IUD failed and only 3 months after surgery I got pregnant! My surgeon yelled at me for not waiting the 18 months he suggested. Oh well, nothing we can do about it now.
So I go see the nutritionist, I think she's a quak. I told her I get about 500 calories a day, she tells me I need 1500. I told her it wasn't going to happen, as I has a 1oz stomach! she wants 80oz of liquids a day. again, I have a 1 oz stomach! 
Yes I've lost 7lbs in the last week, 15 total in the last 3, but all of my tests are normal, baby looks fine on ultrasound I had this morning. plus I'm feeling great and doing the best I can! no it isn't an ideal situation, and down I know that, but dear lord give this momma a break!
Anyone else gone through bariatric surgery and having a hard time eating "enough"?
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Re: Baby after bariatric surgery anyone?

  • So, I've never had the surgery. But I am a plus size momma. I am encouraged to lose weight while pregnant. It's never by doing crazy fad diets or anything. Just a combination of being stupidly sick and really watching what I eat. I lost 60 lbs with my first and 45 lbs with my second. Not sure about this go-around. 

    Both my mom and stepmom have had the bariatric surgery though. There's no way they can eat huge meals and drink large amounts. My stepmom lives on ice. An easy way to stay hydrated and not fill up her stomach. 

    Good luck!! 
  • Can you drink meal replacement shakes to add additional calories?  I had a hard time eating enough my last pregnancy so I was placed on a high cal diet.

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  • I would also try to see a different doctor. I'm assuming you're seeing a mfm for the pregnancy, ask if there's any nutritionists that may be more familiar with your situation. It seems your nutritionist is giving the standard care as opposed to taking your history into account. I don't have personal experience in this but I'm normal weight and was pretty much given the same "goals" for nutrition. 
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  • I tried going back to my protein shakes, insta puke lol
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  • I have also had the Gastric Sleeve surgery September 2014.  I lost 100 lbs.  I am now 15 weeks pregnant.  My doctors concern is obviously me getting all the nutrients/vitamins that I need for the baby.  I have a hard enough time eating enough for myself, never mind the growing little girl inside me.  Everything has been healthy and on track so far.  I am 40 so I am also considered at-risk anyway, top that with gastric surgery etc.  I am sure you have the same concerns I have right now.  I just make sure I take my prenatals, make sure protein is still my top priority and make smart choices for eating.  Not only do I want to make sure the baby is healthy but I don't want to gain the 100 lbs back. 
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    I had the sleeve done last August. I've lost 150 pounds. I'm having such a hard time gaining weight. I can eat small portions, frequently. Both my bariatric doctor and my OB want me to do that because they really want me to start gaining. Instead, I keep losing. I don't even follow my nutritional guidelines anymore. Honestly, I eat like crap because I'm trying to gain. I have never really followed the guidelines and my doctors are mind blown because I exceeded my weight loss goals by 8 months post op. I don't monitor my protein either. I'm horrible about vitamins and can barely remember my prenatal. I do know I'm iron deficient, and I really struggle with low blood pressure now. I'm always dizzy. However, my doctors aren't too concerned. 

    ETA: I'm 16 weeks on Tuesday and I haven't gained any weight. I've lost about 8 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. 
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  • I was horrible at taking vitamins/pills daily.  I have to set an alarm on my phone and keep my medications on me at all times.  If nothing else, please try to take your prenatals. After my surgery that was what I took instead of daily multi vitamins since they gave me pretty much all that I needed.  I also have a hard time getting my nutrients solely by food intake.  I simply just cant eat enough. I don't really follow a strict diet and have been lucky enough to maintain my weight loss.  I haven't gained any since I found out I was pregnant.  So I make sure I take my vitamins so I know that we are at least getting some of what we, the baby and I, need. 

  • Hello! I'm a lap-band patient. I'm down 180lbs. Currently 12 weeks pregnant and down 17 lbs in 6 weeks. I just try to eat healthy and smaller more frequent meals. My band doesn't always allow that to happen. 

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