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X-mas gifts for toddlers

I know, it is not even Thanksgiving yet. But LO's grandparents are already asking what big gifts they can give for x-mas. I am not sure what toddlers need or what would get a lot of use. One thing I thought of was a wagon so I can pull him around and a membership to the zoo and/or aquarium. Any other ideas besides clothing, books, and diapers? I have seen toddler playgrounds. It seems like a big item that they would grow out of quickly but would probably be used until he is 3 or 4.

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  • Maybe a play kitchen? 
  • We asked for some more Duplos Legos - he's started to get into them (taking them apart) and is working on putting them together now, so we asked for a few of the sets that includes vehicles, animals, etc.

    Ride-on toys are also fun. We got our LO one of those Cozy Trucks (Cozy Coupe) for his birthday and he loves it - both riding in it and pushing it. We have a few other smaller ride-on toys he can use in the house that play music, etc. 
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  • We got DD a rocking unicorn from pottery barn kids. My oldest had one and loved it but sadly we had to toss it after a major blow out destroyed it.  
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  • Play kitchen is a great idea. My 4 year old still plays with his. 
  • Love this thread!  Already Started shopping! Dude loves cars and balls so we got the fisher price sit and stand car kit which I already gave to him because I just couldn't wait! And he loved it. I got him a smallish wooden train table that the other side is lego sheets so he can play on both sides when he's older. Also got him this basketball and soccer goal thingy, a bunch of books and some wooden brio trains and track beginner sets. But we are also getting DS a larger Thomas the train table so people can get him add ons for that really easily. We were at Barnes and Noble over the weekend and he lost his shit over a ton of their toys and books, that's also where we decided Thomas the train was a hit, so I am telling people gift cards or toys from there too. 
  • Our LO got a wagon for his birthday and is obsessed with it! Anytime he is super crabby if we go for a walk in his wagon he is all smiles and giggles! 
  • @dmbfan46835 ha ha he lost his shit. I have purchased a few things and ended up giving him the gifts right away too. 

    @jen83mn Duplo legos....yassss! Cozy coupe is a good idea too. He has a dump truck that he can ride on, but prefers to just fill it up with stuff.

    Thanks everyone for the good ideas!
  • We have a few things that are huge hits around our house. BeatBo is easily the favorite toy, DS2 loves to have evening dance parties, we love our wagon and trampoline. My one year old jumps all over the place. Poppers, instruments, bubbles are always great. Both kids love the train table and play well together with it. They also have great deals on those around Xmas, DH got one last year that was normally almost 300 for $75! Tents with those cheap rubber balls, the slide keeps them busy for at least 20 minutes since the just run around taking turns on it and screaming. I can't remember everything I put on the little ones list for Santa but I think I also put a baby vacuum on it and I tend to like Fisher Price Laugh and Learn toys. 
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    I have two boys (1 & 2 years)so I'm thinking what they play with most- the play kitchen (we have from IKEA and all of their inexpensive accessories) they love.  We got some food and a cash register from Learning Resources.  VTech GO GO Smart sets, Thomas the Train table and set,  Melissa and Doug puzzles and toys, play-doh, art supplies, blocks, things they can ride on and IKEA has a push cart (not the grocery cart) they love.  We have two now!  Books are always good too.  Melissa and Doug Daily Toddler Calander, this is a good teaching tool!  Just some quick thoughts.  Enjoy the holidays with your little ones:)
  • Does the Thomas train table come with any trains or tracks? Looks like it is just the table and one side has some tracks built in.
  • @mrsmctaggart6 that is impressive!
  • ^^^ this!! That kitchen is amazing!!! And it has lights too!! Nice work mama!!
  • I love that play kitchen, it's so neat. I am thinking we will do more outdoor stuff. I want to get a sand and water table for DD since that is her favorite thing at school. I am also thinking some art stuff like finger paints. 
  • THanks, DH was super excited about the lights, lmao, we had a blast building it, just an hour here and there, would've been easier if we could've found an old entertainment center but the only ones we could find were too far away to be worth it, the hardware store down the street gave us a great deal on her back splash and faucet because they were off old displays, now DH sees the plastic ones and says "I bet those aren't real tile..." he's a goof... there's a ton of really cool ones on Pinterest.
  • @KristiSigma. No the table doesn't come with all of the trains, tracks and accessories.  We have a hand me down one with lots of pieces.  It would probably get expensive buying it all at one time, but maybe over the years I could see continuing to add to it. 
  • We're getting LO a play kitchen also. KidKraft retro wooden kitchen. $110 on Amazon
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    We got DD a play fort with slide, because she wants to climb EVERYTHING, and we will have another LO one day so it is worth the investment. We also got her the Cozy Truck someone else mentioned, a small starter train set, the Little People farm house, Little People school bus, a set of three soft cars with faces (DD loves cars!), two My Little Pony play figurines, and a soft doll. And yes, we already bought all of it and it's all already wrapped  :p
  • @blizmark Well you just inspired me to get on my Xmas shopping, and I ordered a bunch of stuff today! High five!
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