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Two middle names?

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What do you think of giving a child two middle names? I would like to honor both of my grandmother's but I am already set on a different first name..

Two middle names? 76 votes

Lucille Helen-Mary
0% 0 votes
Lucille Mary-Helen
75% 57 votes
25% 19 votes
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Re: Two middle names?

  • I'm not a fan of 2 middle names but if I had to choose one I prefer Mary Helen
  • My kids will all have two middle names. One is actually my mom's maiden name and is for future scholarship purposes. So in conclusion, I'm okay with it. 

    Mary-Helen has a nicer ring than Helen-Mary IMO. 
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  • As a teacher, I know that double middle names can become a huge paperwork issue, when you get to that point (but I'm sure plenty of people have warned you of that already).

    Of your choices, Mary-Helen flows better.
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