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active-duty couple

Hi ladies!

Just want to introduce myself, as I'm new. DH & I are both on active-duty. TTC after about 9 years together. Juggling the (already) guilt I feel about taking myself out of the op tempo + trying to get our timing to line up! We're both geo-bachelors.

I know it's for the infertility boards, but DH had his vasectomy reversed about 18 months ago. Great experience with Navy Med! Originally met the dr 3 years prior at Balboa (so 100% covered). Dr was later at Pendleton, which is where DH had the surgery. 100% covered, treated him great, and it was a success! Now just for the baby-making part.

Any other geo-bachelors on here? Or those trying to time up visits + ovulation during a hectic schedule?

Re: active-duty couple

  • Hi, just wanted to see if you had any success? I'd like to see if the military covers infertility meds.
    Me 37, DH 41.
    Mirena removed 11/15, immediately started trying.
    April 16: AMH 2.35, Normal all other labs, including sperm.
    Aug 16: HSG normal. Saline sonogram showed likely polyp, but not optimal due to discomfort.
    Sept 16: Hysteroscopy with light D&C for small polyps.
    Sept 16: Notice of impending deployment for six months.
    Sept 16: Femara round 1: D12 US, 28mm follicle, 8mm endometrium; D15 US, collapsed follicle, 5.5 mm endometrium
    Oct 16: Femara round 2: D17 US, ovarian cyst consistent with ovulation, 5mm endometrium and cystic structure in the endometrium consistent with adenomyosis. Adenomyosis also present on US in July 16.
    Oct 16: Deployment cancelled, likely next summer if not sooner.
    Next up: Estrace D 5-12, Progesterone suppositories 3DPO

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