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Question for non-first time moms

Question-- when you had your second, third and or so on baby, did they come earlier than your first one did or around the same time? I know everyone is different but I just love to hear stories from others! 

I had my firstborn son at 38 weeks and 6 days, bag of waters broke at 38 weeks and 5 days. I'm currently going to have my second boy (due date is October 10) and I'm at 38 weeks and 2 days so I'm wondering about another early baby again of course:) but if not not big deal, he comes when he comes 
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Re: Question for non-first time moms

  • My first was before at 33 weeks for unknown reasons. I took progesterone shots the second time and carried until 38w6d. 

    Labor with my first was 7-8 hours and my second was about 3.5 hours. 

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  • First baby my water broke 4 days before my due date. 2nd was an induction. 3rd baby my labor started 2.5 weeks before due date. 4th baby my water broke 1 day after my due date. I never expected my babies to follow any pattern, and they didn't.
  • First was 3 days late, my second was 6days late. Went into labor naturally with both. My water broke with each, but baby number 2 had 2bags of water surrounding her and only the outer broke, but it was enough to trigger laboring contractions. They did have to break the second bag, though. 
  • My first was 5 days overdue and my second was 6 days overdue. Both times I went into labor on my own.  
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  • Baby #1 and #2 were both born 5 days overdue. Labour was spontaneous.
    Baby #3 was induced due to GD at 40 weeks, but I feel like he would have come out around 3-5 days over based on how my body was starting to contract on its own.
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