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Checking for an Incompetent Cervix

Hi everyone,
I lost our sweet baby at 15 weeks in March 2016. I am now (tomorrow) going to (hopefully) be 10 weeks pregnant. We are having an ultrasound in the AM to confirm that hopefully everything is going well.
After my doctor took a bunch of tests, she has me on baby aspirin and progesterone. However, she wants to check bi-weekly starting at week #12 for any signs of a shortened cervix.
My questions are...
What are "good" measurement lengths for a cervix?
Is checking every two weeks good enough, like would they notice a shortening soon enough, or should it be checked every week?
Can they really tell an incompetent cervix through ultrasound?

Thank you!

Re: Checking for an Incompetent Cervix

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    I don't know about good lengths since mine has never been a problem but they most certainly can tell via ultrasound.  Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. 
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  • Above 3cm is good. 2.5-3 is a little short. Below 2 requires intervention.
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  • My OB practice policy is to refer if it is measuring below 2.5. I measured .8 at my AS, they put a cerclage in (stitch to hold it closed). I am on modified bed rest and have an internal US every 2 weeks to make sure it hasn't gotten worse, but other nothing out of the ordinary so far. My stitch will be taken out on/before 36 weeks and baby is good to come after that.

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  • I had issues with an incompetent cervix. There are several ways they can help with incompetent cervix. They also can vary on what lengths are good. Most of the time my dr was happy if mine was 1. I was on bedrest for the last 3 months of my pregnancy and was checked weekly. Good luck on everything 

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  • Hi everyone - I went in for 20 week cervix measurement (due to LEEP procedure) and was measuring short between 2.6-2.9 (at 18 weeks it was 3.2)  I got back in tomorrow (21 weeks) and if its below 2.5, then we will probably be looking at cerclage/bed rest in the future.  
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  • I have incompetent cervix as well.  With my son, I had him at 25 weeks 3 days to due this issue.  Thankfully, he's a happy 8 year old boy.  With my daughter, I had a permanent cerclage put in.  Due to an infection I received during surgery, I was on bed rest for 6 months to make it to full term.  Since my cerclage is permanent, I'm hoping for a smooth pregnancy this time around.
  • I have an incompetent cervix and had an emergency cerclage put in when I was pregnant with my daughter then was put on bed rest and she was born at 38 weeks and perfect. My pregnancy had a lot of issues (leaking fluid was one) but it all worked out. I'm now pregnant with my second and had the cerclage done earlier this time and it's been a completely smooth pregnancy so far. I go every two weeks for a transvaginal ultrasound to check the length and it's getting shorter but just barely. They can for sure tell the length and your Dr will know what to do it seems really scary but a cerclage is super effective if that's the route you go. 
  • I had a short cervix starting at 24 weeks. I was checked due to me being 8 weeks premature. I was admitted to the hospital for steroid shots and sent home 3 days later to be on very strict bedrest. Above 2.5 is normal. I measured (every week) between 1.2 & 1.9 I was let off bedrest at 35 weeks and induced at 39 weeks 1 day. We laugh since we spent all that time trying to keep her in then had to force her out. Hope all is good with you!
  • 3 cm and above is a good length.  I had a shortening cervix with DD. My MFM's general rule was do nothing if shortening but had never experienced a loss due to the issue. However, at 21 wks I was down to .3 cm and I had an emergency cerclage placed the same day I went to the doctor.  I was placed on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy but successfully made it full term.  It was the most stressful experience but thankfully had a great outcome.  I'm now pregnant with twins, but I triple checked with OB before TTC that I would be getting a preventative cerclage this time around.  Had one placed at 12 wks and can happily report great measurements so far (I'm 23 wks).  There is hope!  Hang in the Mama.  I would definitely ask my OB about placing a cerclage though.  I know not the answer in every situation but has been wonderfully for me. 
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