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Holy Separation Anxiety Batman!

Any tips or words of encouragement from fellow sufferers out there? I'm a stay at home mom so we don't get a lot of practice, but I'd love for her not to scream when I'm not in the same room! Main problems are the church nursery and nap time. Is there any way to encourage more independence?

Re: Holy Separation Anxiety Batman!

  • We were talking about this in ECFE last week since our class is going to start separating for parenting time. Some of the tips were when you hand your child to a care giver, face them towards the caregiver and away from you. Start practicing at home: say mommy is going ..., I will be right back. Then leave the room for a minute or so and come back so they see that when mommy goes, she always comes back. When you come back, don't make a huge fuss over them, give hugs and kisses, and redirect them to toys. 

    We go to story time at the library, to her toddler class, to the park to play, ect and I've found that having these little outings where she can wander away and come back to check in as needed has really increased her confidence and helped her to be less clingy. 
  • @rkk0002 we have the exact same issue - I'm a stay at home mom. Our biggest problem is the church nursery. It has gotten a little bit better lately because she moved up to the next room and there are more toys and other distractions in there. It still isn't easy for her when I drop her off though.
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  • She now shakes her head, screams no and cries when I say I'll be right back, *sigh* probably just gonna have to survive this phase. I just try to remind myself that I'll miss this one day haha.
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