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15 months and not walking...

My daughter throws herself down if I try to stand her up and get her to walk holding my hands. She walks holding on. She also walks by pushing her walker. I will sit her on the step and have her walk to me but she leans into me before moving her feet. I don't know how I can help her.. ??

Re: 15 months and not walking...

  • Some don't walk yet at 15 months. My pediatrician doesn't care until 18 months I'm pretty sure. Sounds like the things you are trying are all you can do, but try not to worry too much or compare your child to others. Late walking is very unlikely to leave a lasting impact on her. ;-)
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  • I wouldn't worry much yet 15 months is still in range like pp my pediatrician said by 18 months I think she is right around the corner if she is holding on and walking.  Just keep encouraging her to take steps towards you like you are doing every child goes at their own pace. Seems like you are doing all the right things already:) still ask your pedi if your worried though I'm sure you know that but I wouldn't think they would be concerned just yet.
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  • I agree with PPs. As long as she is able to support her weight on her legs, which it seems she can do based on your description, she's probably fine. I've heard 18 months as well. My husband and I have been practicing standing him up and then holding a toy he really likes in front of him to make him take steps towards it. It does seem to be helping a little.
  • I wouldn't worry about it at 15 months. My husband's friend's daughter didn't start walking 'till 16 months. Sometimes they will just walk on their own time :)
  • Similar situation here- DS spent one night walking back and forth between me and H right after his first birthday, and has been pretty much refusing to walk again since then besides a few steps here and there (will be 15mos the 17th). BUT he has been working so hard on language development and communication skills, he currently talks as well as the almost 2-yr-olds we know. Different kids focus on different developmental milestones. Keep up the good work and she'll be running soon enough!
  • Sounds normal! I would just try not to make walking a stressful event. She'll be running before you know it...
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. She probably would rather crawl because she's faster at getting around that way. But once she gets more comfortable with walking then she will prefer that method of getting around.
  • My son was right at 16 months when he started walking. Like your daughter walked while pushing things or holding on to things. On the plus side, when he did start walking he caught on pretty quickly and now at 20 months you'd never know he's only been doing it for 4 months. I worried about it too, but my son has always been one that if you say the normal range is 8-12 months, he's doing it at 12 (when it comes to gross motor skills). He just has to find a reason for it. He didn't crawl on all 4's until about a month or two before he walked, he army crawled everywhere. He was very efficient at it and didn't have a need to get up on all 4's. Prior to that he didn't even want to army crawl because he rolled everywhere he needed to go.

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  • My third child did not take her first steps until 15 months. She just didn't care to take steps. Completely normal. All my kids walked at different ages. 
  • My niece didn't walk until 18 months. She just wasn't interested. She's 14 now and a ballerina. Kids sometimes have their own timetable. Try not to stress it. 
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