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Anyone else forced to wait to TTC for medical issues?

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Hi there!  I'm the mom of a 7 month old and I'm active in the January 2016 board still, but I was hoping to connect with any other mamas who are impatiently waiting to conceive #1, #2 or more, but are benched due to medical reasons.  If so, let's commiserate about the impatient feeling!  I have postpartum thyroiditis and it is still not under control, so my endocrinologist is having me wait at least until my LO is a year, ideally 18 months.  This is totally fine, and actually medically recommended for anyone, but I'm going to be 36 next month, my husband and I are seriously considering trying to have 3 children, instead of the 2 we originally planned.  That would put us on a kind of tight timeline, age wise, also, I have a serious case of baby fever, and the wait is just killing me!  :/  Anyone else in a similar boat?

I'm trying to think of something to get my mind off of it, like focusing on something I would have a harder time doing with two little ones, like finishing the book I'm working on or learning to play guitar (better.)  Anyone have any other ideas?  

Re: Anyone else forced to wait to TTC for medical issues?

  • @maureenmce

    I'm sorry to hear you've been benched from TTC due to your postpartum thyroiditis. I wouldn't say DH and I have been benched from TTC (yet) but I am waiting on my appointment with my new doctor to see what she thinks is going on. In the meantime, DH and I have been enjoying our activities ;) DH and I both have baby fever right now as well although I think I have it more so than he does lol. We currently don't have any kids yet so this would be our first. I'd love to keep in contact with you and see how things go for you.
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  • @maureenmce

    so sorry you're experiencing these medical issues. I pray that these will be sorted quickly, wherever possible. I don't know anything about this issue so please don't take offence if I'm totally off the mark but is it recommended or necessary to wait? I can imagine if it's something that will cause huge problems for you or the baby that's a definite but if it's a suggestion then maybe trying sooner than the time period suggested would help?

    I don't have medical conditions but one of the biggest factors for my delaying TTC is my weight- hugely overweight and know that being pregnant at this weight is unhealthy, not even taking conception into account! So I guess it counts as health reasons... Am currently on a weight plan with liquid only which is gong great but it's not a diet you can 'try harder' on because it's only shakes so if I only lose 2lbs I can't try and do better next week! Have lost 2st 9lbs in 8 weeks so hopefully I can shift the rest (6stone total is my goal, 8stone would get me into the healthy bracket :-(

    Please keep us updated on how you're doing. Best wishes, it's so hard! Xxx
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  • @maureenmce I'm sorry to hear you're having to wait for medical reasons. I was there for a long time. DH and I got married, and agreed to try after a year, but by that point I was increedibly sick every day, dealing with the effects of an untreated and diagnosed neurological condition. I had surgery a few months later, and after recovery we could start "trying."  We struggled for awhile, got my GYN involved, and then were ready to talk to a RE, and then I ended up in the hospital with an undiagnosed heart issue. I spent another six months tracking that down, getting treatment, and finally a small procedure, and then I could finally move forward. Being benched becuase of things I couldn't control was the worst. Dealing with the medical issues was hard enough, but knowing that I was pushing our dreams off hurt more and more.

    On the other side, I'm grateful both conditions were diagnosed and treated before I was pregnant, and before I had children... I am still waiting for my BFP, but I'm hopeful that no more stupid issues will pop up on me.  
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