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Mamaroo? Yay or Nay?

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I am looking for opinions on whether or not I want/need a Mamaroo. I already have the auto-rocking Rock and Play, as well as an exersaucer/jumper and another chair that has a vibration option. I do not have a '"swing" exactly however. Assuming that price and space werent issues. Did you love your mamaroo? Did you hate it? Did you just think it was not worth the cost? Did you think if i pass on the mamaroo, i still need to purchase another regular swing?

Mamaroo? Yay or Nay? 18 votes

Yes! Get that mamaroo!
27% 5 votes
No! I would not reccommend it.
55% 10 votes
Other: Comment Below
16% 3 votes

Re: Mamaroo? Yay or Nay?

  • I put "other" because we have a mamaroo and like it well enough, but I'm not sure another type of swing wouldn't have worked just as well and cost a lot less. Isabel is almost 12 weeks now and will spend a little time in there daily, but we got the most use out of it in the first month or so when she insisted on only sleeping while being held. If she fell asleep in our arms she could be transferred to the mamaroo and stay sleeping in it for up to 2 hours during the day sometimes. It was hugely helpful to get a break from holding her all the time, but it wasn't the baby miracle worker people made it seem like since she hated to be in it while awake. I know this isn't really an answer either way, but I hope it's a little helpful. 
  • We waited until after ds was born to get a swing. We tried the mamaroo but he didn't like it. The jerking motion freaked him out. We opted for a rockaroo and he loved it. Dd is using it now and she loves it too. Its the only seat we use until they are big enough for exersaucer or bumbo.
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  • We're considering getting one only because it has a small footprint. We already have three children in a little 3 bedroom house and there is basically room for nothing. Lol There is one little open spot in our living room where we spend most our time where a mamaroo would fit perfectly, but only if we can find one used. I wouldn't pay full price for it.

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  • I bought one second-hand and knew immediately, after turning it on, that it wouldn't work for me. I felt the bucket too shallow and the motions weren't 'big' enough for my liking. I had major doubts it would soothe a baby as I really felt it didn't move enough. I read many similar reviews online. I did hear they have attempted to correct those things, but I'm not risking it. IMO you can spend less and get a better product.
  • I don't know about the Mommaroo, but LOVE your name ;)
  • I never used a mamaroo because my boys loved the rock and play sleeper and bouncy seat as infants.  My sister-in-law had one and said she used it for about the first month her boys were born, but it was too big and bulky to move or store so she didn't like it that much.
  • I put "other" because I would suggest that if you can find it second hand then get it, if not then don't. I feel it is way overpriced for what you get and my little guy, though he liked it, grew out of it fairly quickly which made me glad I paid 1/3 of the price on CL. 
  • From your tickers it looks like DD is 3 months old.  Because of that, I'd pass completely--no matter what the deal/discount.  You already have a few options for a stationary baby and you might not get enough use out of another if you get it now.

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  • I posted this in February while i was pregnant 

    We got the mamaroo instead of a traditional swing... and ended up buying the traditional swing anyway. Skip the mamaroo ladies! lol
  • I posted this in February while i was pregnant 

    We got the mamaroo instead of a traditional swing... and ended up buying the traditional swing anyway. Skip the mamaroo ladies! lol
      We did the SAME thing.

    Our friend got us a mamaroo because it was the only thing her daughter would sleep in. She said it saved her sanity.

    It didn't work for us. The baby didn't like any of the settings. I think it didn't move fast enough, if that makes sense, and it doesn't swing. Out of desperation we bought a traditional swing, and it's been a lifesaver. The very first day we used it, she napped in it for 3 hours straight!! It was amazing.

    She's 6 months now and still uses it. She's napping it as I type this ;)

    We got the Fisher Price Deluxe Cradle and Swing. We picked it because it swings like a normal swing, or rocks like a cradle if you turn the seat. It also vibrates, plays music/sounds, and you can plug it in or run it on batteries.

     I wouldn't recommend the mamaroo for babies that like to be held and rocked.

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