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GD Check-in 10/17

Sorry I'm late this week, I wasn't at work yesterday and had trouble getting a discussion started mobile.

1. How are your numbers this week?

2. Questions/Tips you have?

3. Rants/Raves?

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Re: GD Check-in 10/17

  • 1. How are your numbers this week? Overall not bad. I hade one high number on Saturday night but we were out for dinner in Chicago and I'm sure I overdid it. It wasn't too bad and I know the cause. Otherwise, my numbers did pretty well this weekend so that was a good thing.

    2. Questions/Tips you have? If you aren't logging your food but having some fluctuation in numbers it may help you identify trends or things that cause higher numbers.

    3. Rants/Raves? Very proud of myself for not overdoing it this weekend. It would have been very easy to just say forget it and enjoy the weekend but I didn't and I watched what I was eating.

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  • How are your numbers this week? not a clue. I get my glucometer Thursday. But I've been eating super great. Luckily my favorite veggie is in season and I've been able to do so much with it to cut carbs (squash/spaghetti squash).

    2. Questions/Tips you have? nada. This is so new to me so I'm just getting started myself. 

    3. Rants/Raves? I'm just going to rant that i even have GD because people here will get it. I'm embaressed by it because of the stigma that goes along with diabetes. That stigma being you are overweight, don't take care of yourself etc. Um...that is the opposite with me. I went into my pregnancy at 125 and ate healthy. Sure i would indulge in ice cream or a cookie (or 2) but how many people do and don't get GD? When i told my mom she was like "you just need to eat healthier" i was so mad because i was eating much healthier can squash soup with steamed broccoli i had for lunch get? So now having it all explained that there is nothing i did to get this makes me feel better but I'm still embaressed to say i have it for fear of what others think. My sister in law who is 9 years older than me and maybe obese? I don't know her weight but she is larger and ate like crud never got GD. She drinks my dew like crazy and did during her pregnancy and passed with flying colors. Whhhat the heck?? Oh well. I just need to deal with it now. Thanks for letting me rant. 

  • Sorry @KarliQ88, I definitely hear you! A couple people have started to say something about my diet too and I shut it down fast "no my pancreas can't keep up with twins but thanks for trying to blame me." ::middle finger:: lol I have no patience for that shit! 

    1- I didn't check all weekend. I didn't go crazy with my food but I'm just so over stabbing myself. It was a nice break! My numbers yesterday and today are lower than last week, I definitely stress ate a lot last week

    2- white rice is so tasty but holy high numbers after. Rice in general, even my rice Chex cereal!  :'( Beware the white rice ladies! 

    3- I got nothing right now.... quickly bumping as a break from staring at CAD (drawing tools is mind numbing!) but I'll come back if I think of anything 
  • That's a good way to say it @TinaBelcher. I haven't told anyone but my mom/husband and best friend who also had GD. But we'll see how just diet/exercise go. 
  • @KarliQ88 I'm sorry you are joining us. I was diagnosed through an early test at 21 weeks so I've been at this fro 6+ weeks. When I found out about it, I cried the entire afternoon. I was upset and fearful of what it meant for the delivery I had planned. I was fairly confident I could control it with diet, I was familiar enough with diabetes (My dad has T2 and my nephew has T1) but know that finding doctors willing to wait it out and let things happen naturally is a little tougher and a bit more of a fight. I've pretty much come to terms with things and was told at my last appointment that so long as it's under control with diet, things don't change much until we get closer and even then probably won't change unless a growth scan shows baby is really big.

    I agree that the finger poking is getting old but for the most part everything has been fairly easily managed. Getting enough carbs is a struggle at some meals which is a huge surprise to me. I will also add, I felt much better after I met with the dietician and kind of got a good feel for things.

    One thing that I find interesting that your post reminded me of. About a week or so after I was diagnosed I was feeling really bad about it, tired of poking myself, tired of tracking food, just tired of it all, I had a realization that it's temporary and put some perspective around it for myself given that my nephew has Type 1 which is forever unless a cure is found. I decided to take advantage of my diagnosis and bring some more awareness to the different types of diabetes out there and posted something on Facebook. I was amazed how many of my facebook friends posted and shared that they had GD during their pregnancies and had never said anything about it. There are a lot more of us out there than we realize but because of the stigma around T2 I think people don't want to talk about it.

    @TinaBelcher I haven't tried white rice yet. Just haven't had the opportunity. Good to know though. Did you have your rice chex cereal in the morning for breakfast? My dietician told me to test it out but to avoid cereal in the morning because for some reason it causes spikes regardless of the type of cereal. I thought that was so strange. I'm not a huge cereal in the morning fan but have definitely used it for a snack here and there :)

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  • So true @Carly79 this is temporary (we hope) and it really shows what others go through with T1 and T2. So i really need to drop the "poor me poor me" card. Other than me being seen every 2 weeks now as long as things are controlled it sounds like things will go as planned. I think some of them might just even be with the nurse to just check how I'm doing and measurements. I'm happy,but not happy at the same time, that there are others out there and understand the frustration.
    Yay for turkey and asparagus for dinner. 
  • @Carly79 yeah, I eat fortified cereals in the morning at my MFM's insistence because I need all the help I can get vitamin/ mineral/ iron-wise. I usually switch between ice cream and cereal for my night time snack too!  ;)
  • Well, I'm probably joining you ladies. :( 
    Found out today that I failed my 3 hr. Barely.
    My fasting number was 89. 
    1 hour 183 (should be under 180)
    2 hour 176 (should be under 155)
    3 hour 79 (should be under 140)
    So if my 1 hour had been 3 points lower, I would have passed. I'm so pissed. And scared. And confused. And I can't deal with this.
    I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday. So until then I am supposed to test 4 times per day and keep a log. (My hubby is Type 2 so we have meters and stuff already). 
    So we'll see what my doctor says. I don't feel like I'm diabetic. Just a bit slow. But I'll try to avoid carbs and sugar (have already been doing this to some degree). But I probably have to meet with a dietician and all that jazz. This feels so awful and stressful and unfair. And I've only gained 8 to 10 pounds so far! 
  • @urbanorchidgirl I am sorry you have to join us. Just know that you can do this and it has nothing to do with anything you've done. Once you get through the first week it becomes more manageable. I was very surprised by how many carbs I need to eat and have learned some tricks and things that make it easier. The few of us here already are here to help and commiserate with. If you get a minute check out the December 16 GD Check-in. Those ladies are 4-6 weeks ahead of us and there are a few more of them so lots of tips and stories. That first couple days prior to meeting with doctors and nutritionists was by far the most stressful for me just because of the unknown.

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  • @karliQ88 I by no means meant to downplay what we are going through. Just wanted to tell my story about what helped me get through some bad days. This sucks, it's our reality and what we are going through (on top of all the other pregnancy symptoms and aches and pains). While I hate that we are here I'm glad we have some people to talk to about it.

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  • Carly79 said:
    @karliQ88 I by no means meant to downplay what we are going through. Just wanted to tell my story about what helped me get through some bad days. This sucks, it's our reality and what we are going through (on top of all the other pregnancy symptoms and aches and pains). While I hate that we are here I'm glad we have some people to talk to about it.
    Oh. I agree...I'm just saying it really shows me what others go through that live with this everyday. It does suck having to restrict foods ontop of the food restrictions we already have. Plus all the negative pregnancy symptoms. I just want a cookie and maybe some ice cream to be my reward for "doing an awesome job at growing a human." 
    I have found a strong strong like and craving for sugar free jello. I'll go through like 4 or 5 a day since i was diagnosed Monday. Zero carbs...i can eat as much as i want right? And the fact i actually enjoy it makes me happy. 
  • Can I ask what your ladies numbers generally are in the morning and 2 hours after meals? I've been testing for 2 days, really cutting out carbs and sugar, and the highest number that I've had after a meal is 99. I'm usually around 85 or less in the morning. I just don't think that I'm diabetic. I even had bread and a chocolate yesterday and was still fine.
    Granted I've lost 4 pounds since last week, since I'm scared to eat anything. So that's no bueno.
    I have a Freestyle Lite meter which I think is pretty accurate. 
  • Carly79Carly79
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    My fasting numbers run between 80-92 most days with a goal of being under 95. I test 1 hour after meals and run anywhere from 95-130 depending on what I eat. My meal includes 2-3 carb choices (15g = 1 carb choice) for breakfast, 3-4 carb choices for Lunch and dinner, and then 2 carb choices for each of my 3 snacks a day with a goal of eating every 2.5-3 hours. ETA: My goal for 1 hour after meals is to be under 140.

    @urbanorchidgirl are you checking ketones? I know my internist and nutritionist very much stressed making sure I am eating enough carbs (as well as a balance of veggies and protein). Also, making sure that I have a variety of carbs (grains, fruit, dairy). One of my challenges initially was making sure I had enough carbs and was still eating enough calories to support being pregnant. 

    @KarliQ88 That's a great idea, I hadn't thought about sugar free jello. I will have to check that out :)

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  • What do you eat for carbs?
  • I eat a lot of things. For lunch today I'm having southwest tortilla soup with some chips. The soup is about 1 carb choice and the chips are 2 (I was running very late this morning and didn't get my lunch put together at home so this is from the work cafeteria). Normally my lunch is something like a 8 in tortilla (1 of the carb balance ones because that is only 1 carb choice), some chicken salad with veggies wrapped up. A piece of fruit or 1/2 cup applesauce, and some crackers of some sort. For snacks, I will usually have some fruit with trail mix, or cereal, or greek yogurt. Breakfasts are my hardest because I don't eat eggs so protein at breakfast has always been tough. But I switch between a container of greek yogurt with 1/4 cup of granola or 2 slices of sara lee 45 calorie bread (2 slices is only 1 carb choice) with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter and a couple clementines or a small apple.

    I eat a lot of fruit, and most snacks and meals include fruit as one of my carb choices. I will include corn, potataos, rice, or pasta at dinner with some sort of meat and then 1 cup of skim milk to make up 3 carbs. Beans are another good one.

    I really pay attention to labels and look for how much of something is roughly 15g of carbs. For instance, 1/4cup of the Monster trail mix from target is one carb choice. If you really have a sweet tooth and enjoy ice cream, the small single serving blue bunnies are 30g of carbs so 2 choices and a perfect snack occasionally.

    If I'm out and about, I've found I'm usually safe with a salad with breaded chicken or if it has grilled chicken I need to add some chips or bread or a piece of fruit with the salad. Chik-Fil-a's cool chicken wrap is 30g of carbs I do that and add one more carb choice (fruit, 15 chips, etc).

    I do try to avoid cereal in the morning because my nutritionist said a lot of women have trouble with cereal in the morning for some reason and it causes spikes but I will add 1/2 cup of life as a carb choice for one of my snacks occasionally later in the day. I also try to have some source of protein at every meal/snack. That's why I like the greek yogurt. I also have cheese sticks and cottage cheese quite often. Cheese and crackers is another good snack with the crackers being 1-2 carb choices depending how many you have.

    I hope this helps a little.

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  • I'll add, last night I had spaghetti for dinner, 2/3cup pasta and 1/2 cup sauce is my carbs and then I made some green beans as a veggie to go with it. The other night I made tater tot casserole (It was finally cool enough I was craving a casserole of some sort). With the tatertots I used, I could have 12 tatertots and then the casserole had corn in it and the cream of mushroom soup had some carbs too so I figured one serving of casserole (with 12 tots) was about 2 carb choices so I then had a cup of milk to go with it. Chili another thing I've had luck with.

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  • I met with my dietician today and got my glucometer. I was actually very surprised at how much i should be eating. I've only done one blood sugar since i got my glucometer after breakfast. So it was actually 2 hours since i ate breakfast so we did my after breakfast blood sugar and it was 79!!! I didn't have bread to make toast so i used crackers and had crackers/peanut butter for breakfast. It was under what I'm supposed to have but oh well...happy with the number. Like other people have said my dietician also told me to avoid cereal in the morning and since eggs make me nauseas this pregnancy that "peanut butter will be your best friend." i use organic peanut butter no sugar added. I have to keep it in the's delicious though. She wants me taking sugars 2 hours after meals (some recommend 1 hour). 

    And yes @Carly79 stock up on sugar free jello. My dietician said it would fall under "free" category...heck yes!!! and i really can't tell the difference between regular and sugar free. I literally have a drawer full of sugar free jello haha. I think it's my new craving. 

    @urbanorchidgirl I'll be able to answer your question better once i get a better idea of my sugars. I just took my first one today 2 hours after breakfast and it was 79. 
  • @urbanorchidgirl I could've written your post (I think I did last week actually lol) 

    My fasting numbers are in the low 70s and 2 hours after meals I'm usually in the 80s-90s, unless morning sickness is bothering me that day and it takes me over an hour to choke a meal down, them I'm in the 100-110s. (White rice- my favorite veggie sushi and Chinese food- makes my numbers way high, 120-130)  :'( 

    My OB is exceptionally happy with my numbers and agrees that the glucola might not be the best test for my particular diet/ metabolism, but I'm still supposed to test because "twins" (much higher chance of insulin resistance with 2+) 

    For carbs I stick with whole, unbleached grains for the most part- wheat bread and pasta, some starches (potatoes etc). I eat ice cream most nights before bed- my fasting numbers are low so I don't even feel bad lol! (Plus I desperately need to gain weight so I'm trying to eat as much fat- like peaches with heavy cream or doubling the avocado on my tacos- as I possibly can.) 
  • I did an experiment tonight and had 2 slices of pizza for dinner. I checked an hour after, and I was at 120. Expecting to be lower in another hour. How can this be diabetes? I'm excited to talk to my OB on Monday and try to get out of this situation. Lol. 
  • KarliQ88KarliQ88
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    I did an experiment tonight and had 2 slices of pizza for dinner. I checked an hour after, and I was at 120. Expecting to be lower in another hour. How can this be diabetes? I'm excited to talk to my OB on Monday and try to get out of this situation. Lol. 
    I did the same thing tonight. I had a bowl of pasta and checked 2 hours later...106. We'll see how next two weeks go maybe i can make a case haha
  • Thanks for all of the great information! I found out yesterday that I failed my 3 hour glucose test. I spent most of the day crying or on the edge of tears. I am sure my co-worker's were hiding from the "" hormonal pregnant lady" all day. I have been overwhelmed since finding out but reading through all of your comments this evening helped. I hopefully will meet with a nutritionist next week.
  • So sorry, @nlewis0819! Feel free to message me if you need support! The nutrionist will be very helpful. 
  • Welp, I'm here now ;) failed the one hour so badly we're skipping the three hour and going straight to QID monitoring. I start in the morning. I'm also measuring 30 weeks @ 26&3
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