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  • Okay so I have a 3 row car. Currently DS is forward facing in the middle seat. 

    Do i keep him in the middle and put the baby next to him to have access to the third row or do i put one dude on each side and basically turn my 7 seater car into a 2 seater. 

  • @ohstars I would have flipped my shit.  Especially on my H if he took my family to meet my kid before me?!?! Nope, sorry.  H and I get first dibs and everyone else can just wait.  

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  • @PerraSucia I think it depends on how often you need access to the 3rd row.  If it's often, I'd put them beside each other to keep access open, otherwise, I'd probably do one on either side because for us it helps to have some space between them (plus it's usually easier to get solid car seat installs if they aren't up against each other).

    How old is DS?  I'm guessing moving him into the 3rd row and putting baby in the middle of the 2nd isn't a very good option for you right now?

  • I saw the worst thing ever today. 
    TW death. 

    I saw a guy killed in a motorcycle accident. 
    A mom outside of my kids school was turning and a motorcyclist collided with her. I'll save you the details but it was horrific and I wish I could unsee it. 
    The driver is alive, but hurt and 5 months pregnant. 
    My husband is never, ever getting on a motorcycle again. 

  • @ohstars I would have flipped my shit.  Especially on my H if he took my family to meet my kid before me?!?! Nope, sorry.  H and I get first dibs and everyone else can just wait.  

    This. I would probably still be mad at my DH to this day! So no, definitely not the hormones.
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  • Omg spicyweiner that is horrible :(
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  • Oh wow @Spicyweiner I'm so sorry you had to see that, I'm sure it is not something you will quickly be able to forget  :( I feel awful for both parties involved and I hope the pregnant driver and her baby will be ok. I'm totally with you @TeacherMom2517 on motorcycles. Too much risk. My husband always asks for one and I will continue to shut him down
  • I'm so sorry you had to see that @Spicyweiner. Take care of yourself tonight. My heart goes out to you. 

  • omg @Spicyweiner that is absolutely horrible.  How awful for everyone involved.
  • Omg @spicyweiner I am so sorry you witnessed that. I hope the pregnant woman and her baby are ok. That is so scary.

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  • Thanks for the validation guys.  I gotta find the right time to say something this time.  If I have a similar experience, I will probably still have DH take family down to the NICU because the idea of my new baby thrust into the world and alone breaks my heart. 

    @spicyweiner - that is horrific. I saw a motorcycle accident like 3 weeks ago but the motorcyclist walked away and I was still shaken. I can't imagine how it feels to see that. :(

  • @Spicyweiner I am so sorry that you had to see that. That sounds awful and I can't even imagine whats going through all of the affected people's minds. I've seen someone airlifted out of an accident, and to this day I am extremely cautious around that part of the freeway. ((Hugs)) I'm so sorry. 

  • @spicyweiner So sorry you had to see that. Any time you experience death first hand it is shocking, so try to give yourself some time to process. I will send up a prayer for all involved  tonight.  :/

    @PerraSucia Do you actually use your 3rd row? I think I would try it out for a month or two once LO arrives with them each in the outside seat, because I almost never use my 3rd row.
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  • @PerraSucia our son and daughter were next to each other but he had the worst time getting his buckle latched while DD was in her carrier. We had to separate them and have the middle seat open. I'm not sure how we would have done it if we had 3 rows.

    @Spicyweiner I sent you a PM.
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  • @Spicyweiner that is absolutely horrible for everyone involved including you! I have a fear of seeing things like that. Take care of yourself, seeing that is traumatic.
  • I use the third row like once a week but at work. DS is going to be 3 a month from today and would be super bummed if we put him in the back. I think maybe I'll put it in and see how annoying it is before deciding. 
  • @Spicyweiner girl that is awful.  I'm so sorry you had to witness that.
  • @spicyweiner That sounds traumatizing to witness. I hope the pregnant mom is okay. Hope you are okay too!
  • I'm ok, guys just feeling super bummed and emotional. 

  • @Spicyweiner Wow, of course you are. I saw a dog get hit by a car once and was an emotional wreck the rest of the day. I can't imagine seeing something like that happen to another human and not feeling like a bit of a mess.
  • @Spicyweiner I'm so sorry you had to see that. Accidents are so scary and something like that always makes you think and leaves you with an uneasy feeling. Thinking of you as well as everyone involved.
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  • Did everyone already disappear for the weekend?
  • @Spicyweiner im so sorry that you had to see that, it must have been so traumatic. Motorbikes scare the life out of me, i just dont know how anyone can feel safe on one. I hope youre doing ok! Xxx
  • @Spicyweiner so sorry you had to see that!! That's absolutely awful. Hope you're a little less shaken up this morning... ❤️
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  • @spicyweiner Oh my goodness I'm so sorry you had to witness that! How horrible.

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  • @Spicyweiner I am so sorry you had to witness the accident. I hope everyone is able to overcome this. My SIL died in a car accident 3 years ago and my H still struggles sometimes with it. Sending positive thoughts your way!
  • Hugs, @Spicyweiner   :( that would be so heart breaking to witness. 
  • @Spicyweiner I'm so sorry you had to see that. My dad was in a small accident in April and is still doing physical therapy. It's so scary how bad it can be.

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  • @Spicyweiner That is just awful. I'm so sorry for everyone involved.  I hope he was wearing a helmet and you didn't have to see too much awfulness. Ugh, and what about the kids,  man? I hope the kids at the school did not see!

  • @peachesnbean if you're taking a ton of iron I would buy colace too.  That still seems way better than mono :(
  • Hey @afkash, you are Indian/part Indian, right? Happy Diwali! Are you guys celebrating? 
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  • So prenatal care is covered 100% with no copay through my insurance, but medical billing has decided I'm high risk and charging me for everything. Like my pee in a cup is 5 dollars on top of my copay. I'm getting the exact same care as a not high risk patient and it's totally fucking bullshit. 
  • Why would you have to get charged for regular stuff?? That's bullshit 
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