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Can I just let you know...

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How awesome you all are. I'm over here, nothing ready for this child. No clothes pulled out, haven't even thought about packing the hospital bag until reading that a fellow bumpie just recently had their precious baby. We are just starting to demo the room the baby will eventually share with his brother.

I'm in awe of all the cool projects you have completed and I am totally jealous of how you all are accomplishing things and I'm just like.."need more sleep." I don't make many posts, but felt compelled to let you all know that ...You ladies are pretty stellar. 
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Re: Can I just let you know...

  • @kmck27 - you are sweet - if it makes you feel any better this is my first baby and I'm not currently employeed (moved to a new town back in June and not many job options) so I have all the time in the world to loaf about and do things for baby :) anyone who is growing a human while caring for another tiny human totally gets a pass on pretty much anything in my book lol.
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  • @KMck27 I've got a 2 year old that pretty much sucks out all my time and energy. I'm nowhere near ready for this baby to come out. I get random bursts of nesting energy but I know I'm going to be down to the wire. Take advantage of this time just you and your son and sleep while you can. Those are my goals!
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  • @underthesea I totally know the feeling! I have a 3 yo son and a 1 yo daughter. Total energy drainers! I am looking forward to nesting energy spurts. My bum needs to get in gear!

    @ceclarlinetlo Thank you! I did have fun with my first and even second pregnancy with being able to get things accomplished. It's such a fun time prepping. :smiley: enjoy it!
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  • Oh yeah with two kiddos... so hard! 
  • @KMck27 I'm with ya!  I have two girls who will be 2.5 and 19 months when this baby is born.  I'm tired!
    But you're right, these gals are inspiring and they keep me on my game (at least my thinking game!) for what I need to get going on :smile:
  • I'm with you. It's my first, I work full time so when I come home I'm exhausted.  It feels like I have nothing ready. The nursery isn't even started. Ready for that nesting energy. :-)
  • Don't fret - it'll all get done eventually!

    I've gotten a lot done already but there are many perks of my current set up that I'm taking advantage of like my son still naps 2-3 hours a day and he's at preschool 6 hours a week. 

    If he was younger (read: not so independent) and there were more kids I was contending with already I would not have squat done!

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  • @KMck27 The only thing I have accomplished is my hospital bag, but I do have a Pinterest board full of ideas for my son's room, only problem is he doesn't have a room yet with our renovations going on  :D
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  • Yeah with baby #1, I didn't do anything at all until 36 weeks 
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling to get things done, and also to hear that it's ok not to have everything ready yet. This board has really helped me sort out priorities, that hospital bag thread was amazing. And the registry one was awesome too, so many great suggestions!
  • So I pushed to get shit done in second tri then had to wait for XYZ things to finish and now I'm so busy (and huge!) that I'm having a hard time... our nursery is like SO CLOSE just not quite there, same with our master bath, and I need to get our handyman out to redo the foyer tile STILL because all of a sudden I'm such a procrastinator... (but just this morning I pulled out the bag I'll use for our hospital bag with the intention of getting it packed THIS WEEKEND, period. 6 weeks max left for us, gotta get on this shit! 
  • @KMck27 The only thing I have accomplished is my hospital bag, but I do have a Pinterest board full of ideas for my son's room, only problem is he doesn't have a room yet with our renovations going on  :D
    @Ashleybrandon1990 Ha! I'm with you! I may not have anything ready, but I've got a Pinterest board dedicated to it! LOL!
    That counts, right? :D
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  • I'm so glad it's not just me! We only just got her room cleaned out last weekend. The Demo will be this weekend and we will start putting it together next weekend - drywall and carpet. I am starting to feel so behind... 
  • Not ready either! We close on our house on Monday and then we move the following Friday so nothing is done! Except yes a Pinterest board! First child but I woke full time and am exhausted when I come home some days!  You ladies are all amazing, I am in awe how awesome everyone is in this group! I know it'll get done eventually so I won't worry quite yet thanks to you ladies! Baking a baby sure zaps all your energy though I had no idea! And those with children already wow!  :)
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  • We are so not ready! I love this group though. it reminds me of things that I need to or should get done. It also gives me so many great ideas I never would have thought of on my own. I am glad to not be the only one with nothing done. Between work and a toddler I just don't have energy to do all the extras I did with my first.
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