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Sorry if I'm posting incorrectly, I don't want to annoy anyone, please feel free to direct me to links if it shouldn't be in here

How do I change the icon on my profile when using an iPhone? I can't find the icon for editing my profile and I can't bear to see a pregnant woman as my profile pic. 



  • OK, so I use the mobile web bump vs the app, but I don't think it should be too different. 

    So, I just clicked on the 'Home' option, or even the top banner at the top of the page that says 'the bump', and it took me to this page, where you can click the little person icon to go to your profile

    Once you're there, mine shows my screen name, my email, my regular name, and the profile pic or icon next to my screen name. Just click on the current profile pic itself to change your pic

    Then click update. Sometimes it takes a while for the change to take effect. Sometimes I've logged out and logged back in and it was changed. If it doesn't show right away I would do the log out / log in
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  • Thank you for your reply it was so helpful but the picture wouldn't change when I clicked on it!!!! Might have to try to do it on a computer.... Thank you!!!
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  • @AmieC

    I found it is easier on a computer as well.
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