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I need to stop googling...have you ever heard of CMV?

Hi Ladies!  Someone on my facebook feed shared an article about the dangers of contracting a virus called CMV while pregnant.  I believe it's something you can get from your toddler via bodily fluids.  Symptoms go undetected but can be passed to unborn baby.  Yikes!  Has anyone ever heard of this?  Is this something we need to be concerned about?

Re: I need to stop googling...have you ever heard of CMV?

  • @jessty3 I have heard of it, but I believe most people are infected with it as children and the issue would be if you are infected for the very first time while pregnant (like toxoplasmosis). 
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  • ^ this. I'm already positive for CMV and couldn't tell you when I would have gotten it. My Dr tested me early on for CMV and toxoplasmosis, saw that I was positive for CMV and then checked to see if it was a latent or a primary infection. More than half of US adults have it. It's something you could potentially ask your doctor to test you for to see if you're already infected to ease your mind, but drs generally don't spend a lot of time stressing about it. 
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  • I saw that article yesterday too! I didn't want to click on it, because I knew I would freak myself out, but did and only read half. I figured my doctor is usually on point with things, so if this was as big of an issue as the article was making it out to be (on the same level as Ziki) I would be aware.
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  • my older sister just sent me this yesterday!  While i'm sure it's terrible for the families that are affected, for most people It can't be as prevalent as the article makes it sound or our doctors would say more about it.
  • We used donor sperm so I had to learn my cmv status before we bought (if I was negative but H was positive it wouldn't be a big deal because he would've already infected me, but if I was negative and our donor was positive it could have jeopardized the pregnancy. 

    But most people are positive by adulthood, it's a cold/flu like illness that you wouldn't probably know was different from your standard cold/flu 
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