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Snip, Snip!

I am sure I'm not the only one who isn't having their last pregnancy. Is anyone else's H planning on getting a vasectomy? If so, when? Kind of a weird question, I know.

H wants to get his before this baby arrives, but I am a worrier and if something awful were to happen, I would at least like the option to try for a other baby at some point.
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Re: Snip, Snip!

  • I'm a FTM, but after getting pregnant much faster than we expected, we talked about DH getting a vasectomy when the time is right. I think we would definitely wait until we were 100% sure (I'm thinking the last child is 2 or 3 years old). Otherwise he's on board with the plan, because it's much less invasive for him and we also don't want to worry about hormonal birth control or condoms forever. 

    I've also thought about an IUD until we're 100% sure we're done having children. I don't know if anyone has experience with one here. 
  • @christac1010 I have used both Paragard and Mirena. Paragard was all right, except horrible periods that were crazy heavy. With Mirena, I had a constant period, but no cramping. I had it removed because I was sick of always having my period and i got pregnant with this little guy.
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  • My OB has already referred me to a good urologist and DH is planning to schedule after LO is born so we are both out of commission during the same period. 

    I'm done, so done.  3 kids in 4 years and I want my body back.  DH and I feel our family is complete and there isn't a doubt in either of our minds that we are ready to move on to the next phase in our lives.  
  • We knew that we would have to have a scheduled C-section for this pregnancy and thought about possibly having my tubes tied while they are in there but now I'm having second thoughts on doing something so permanent. My DH is pretty set that we are done but I am not ready to close that door just yet. And, god forbid something terrible happen and then the option for trying again is gone. I think both my DH and I are going to wait awhile before doing something permanent. 

    @christac1010 I had the Mirena put in after DD#1. I LOVED it. No periods, no cramping. It was amazing. I went to get it taken out so DH and I could start trying and my doctor couldn't find it. I had to go back for an u/s so they could pin point it's location and then try and get it. They STILL could not get it out and it was extremely painful. I ended up have to have surgery to get it removed because it attached itself to my uterus. I'm bummed because I would love to get another IUD but am worried it will attach itself to me again :) 

    But, please note that this does not happen to everyone. I have a ton of girlfriends that have an IUD and also love it and have had zero problems. 

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  • This is for sure our last baby.  N was supposed to be our last and she is a surprise so H is getting a vasectomy.  We are waiting until 2017 for insurance reasons and will probably wait until tax time so we don't have to take a chunk out of our savings to get it done.  I will go on the mini pill until we are sure he is in the clear (had the procedure done and gone back for his recheck).  
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  • Soon after we found out about our "surprise" pregnancy, my husband called for a consultation. I am the same way in being worried. Yes, this pregnancy wasn't planned and Yes he was "okay with just 2 kids", but I never was ready to Shut that door completely. So God forbid something happens, I won't be ready for that until after the baby is born...

  • H is sure he's done, but I'm still kind of wanting another one. He was happy with just one but knew having another one was what I wanted.  Now he's wanting to get a vasectomy.  He also likes the idea that if I go in for a scheduled c-section, I get my tubes tied while they're in there. I'm just not sure though. I'm with all of you on the wait until after the baby is born though.
  • Dh is certain this is our last. I am not ready to close that door at all. So my plan is to be on the mini pill after this baby and then go from there. I wouldn't want to have a 3rd until DD1 & DD2 are both in school. That gives us 4 years to decide if we're done.
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  • We are both certain we are done. I'm having a scheduled c-section and will get my tubes tied while they are in there. I want to be really sure and would like H to get a vasectomy also. Call me crazy, but I have heard from too many people that one person had something done, and it didn't work and they had a surprise baby. Yikes! 
  • @christac1010 I've had two of the Paraguard IUDs. I love them. Technically, they implant better if the woman has been pregnant before. I had not been and didn't have any issues. (Although, the first one slipped out after 4 years and I had to get it removed -- but that wasn't a huge deal.) I had a textbook experience: period was a bit heavier and lasted 1-2 days longer than normal. However, for my second, my cramps did get significantly worse after the 2nd year. I had it removed and then did the Nuvaring, which I didn't like at all (insane mood swings and just felt totally off). I prefer to have low or no hormones in my BC, but I think I'm going to try the Mirena after delivery. If I experience constant bleeding, I'll go back to the Paraguard. (Most of my friends use the Mirena, and their periods were either very light and short or went away completely.) IUDs are just so easy and straightforward. (We aren't done having babies yet, but it's, by far, my favorite method of BC. And it's nice that it's basically one & done.) 
  • I'm in the camp of "one and done" pregnancy wise. H and I have pretty much decided that if we want more children after this that we will look into adoption. But in terms of birth control, we've only recently started discussing what we should do post baby. He's on board with a vasectomy at some point, but I think he would rather wait a few years to make sure we're both absolutely positive about not wanting to get pregnant again. I was on the Nuvaring for 5ish years and didn't notice until I came off of it how much it impacted my sex drive and moods. I'd be interested in a Mirena type IUD, but not if I react the same way to it as I did the Nuvaring.
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  • I am sure we are done after this baby.  Ive been trying to get my husband to go get a vasectomy since I peed on the stick.  I want to know for sure by the time I'm cleared after baby for sex that he is too. When he's done working his long hours in a couple weeks I'm gonna push for his consult appt. 
  • DH will be getting one when we are completely comfortable that we are done and this baby will probably be a couple years old.  He keeps mentioning that "maybe" we will have a third but we don't have the space and I just feel like one of each is perfect.
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  • This is our last pregnancy.  We always planned on only having two kids and now that we're going to have three it's absolutely confirmed.  We are also waiting until after the twins are born just in case something terrible happens.  I don't think DH has done a consult yet but I know he is on board to get snipped.  I also plan on using some form of birth control as an extra precaution (I've never been on birth control before so I have no idea what type I want to try.  I appreciate hearing everyone's experiences with different brands/types).
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  • We knew when we got married that we would have 1 and be done. The plan is vasectomy in Dec and baby being born in Jan. That way when the doctor gives the ok we are in the safe zone. If for some reason I need a c section I will consider also getting tubes tied as another precaution. But as of now plan is to get snipped before baby is here. I really don't want to go back on birth control 
  • DH is getting snipped at some point. I've always said I only wanted 2 (currently pregnant with our second) but I'm now second guessing myself. DH is convinced we're done at 2, but hasn't bothered to make any appointments yet. I'm just going to let him do it on his own time, and if we end up with a 3rd we're for sure done. :)
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  • We are one and done!!! Hubby has already picked out a doctor and we are ready to schedule :)
  • H is getting a vastecomy, but not until this baby arrives. I agree about being nervous about the potential what-ifs and not wanting to pull the trigger until the baby gets here. There's a 50% chance I'll get my tubes tied as well if I end up with a c-section. 

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  • Our plan has always been two kids and we're done. My husband has two younger brothers. One that is 2 years younger than him and one that is 11 years younger than him--obviously the youngest was a very big oops. He's also the most spoiled, enabled, ungrateful, emotionally unstable, immature 21 year old I've ever been around and I've known him since he was 7. So to avoid any oops situation my husband will definitely be getting a vasectomy. When that will happen is up for debate. I'm on the camp of wanting to make sure we're both 100% positive and when we both feel the time is right. Would also like to wait until he's close on his insurance deductible for the year.  :D
  • We are on baby 2, but DH has agreed to get snipped after 3. If something big were to happen that would make us change our minds we would still want some insurance so we are considering the option to freeze his sperm before getting the procedure done. We'd probably just hold it for a few years until we decide we no longer need that option. 
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  • My DH is really against a vasectomy for some reason. We are pretty sure we are done after this pregnancy but even after all the trouble I'm not ready to say no to a 3rd. I think I will go back on the pill potentially or maybe an iud as it's not safe for me to get pregnant until at least 2 years after this baby to guve my uterus time to heal. But I'm hoping to keep the door open if we decide to have another. But it depends on how this pregnancy turns out at this point it may not be an option for me to have a third after this
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  • We are on our third baby currently and are leaning towards four total, but I don't know what we will do when we decide we're done.  A vasectomy sounds nice, but there is still a 3% chance of getting pregnant (with that or tubes tied!), so I'm not sure.  Although, if God decides to give me another baby, a vasectomy or any other procedure/form of birth control is going to stop it :wink:
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