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Well meaning grandparents

My son has 4 amazing grandparents and an aunt who love him and my husband and I both work so they take turns watching my son. On weekends I'd love to spend time with just my husband and son, but we end up running around all weekend to spend time with either my parents or my inlaws. Has anyone else encountered this? How have you been able to carve out quality family time?

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  • Do you spend quality time with them during the week? I usually see my mom during the week(not all the time)so on the weekend i usually dont go over. We dont see my in-laws during the week so if we have time, we see them a few hours on Sunday's. 

    Ive always made it a priority to make weekends just family time & by family i mean the kids husband & i. if we have nothing planned or nothing to do we go to the in-laws or my moms. My mom understands how important it is to me to spend time on the weekends with my family so it doesnt bother her if we dont go see her. And my in-laws will call to tell us to go over & get butt hurt if we dont but DH understands we need time to ourselves as well.

    He works 10-12 hours shifts mon-fri.
    DD is in school for 8 hours.
    DD & the twins bed time is 730/8 & sometimes he gets home too late & theyre in bed & he doesnt see them.so weekends are our axtual family time. I see my kids non stop because im a SAHM & i see my husband because i stay up until he's home &sometimes the kids dont see him. So it might sound rude but my family time is precious to me, & if going a weekend without seeing my mom & inlaws is a way to get our family time so be it. 

    Maybe dont be so hard on your self for making atleast every other weekend yours. Or take 2 hours for your parent's, 2 hours for his and make the rest of the weekends yours.

    When the twins were first born DH only wanted to be @ his moms all weekend. Sat & Sun from 9am to 7pm...it was a pain in my ass! We did that for about 4-6 weeks until i told him that was enough. We weren't getting family time and it was driving me crazy going from being home all week to being locked up @my inlaws all weekend. We decided the few hours on Sundays were enough, & its worked out since.

    Dont lose that family time! Its something precious & very much needed. I hope you find something that works for your family, & if you do i would love to know what it is :smile:
  • Yes, this has happened to us, especially when our son was still young (<9 months). With us both working, we don't get much quality family time during the week. Also, trying to balance friendships has been a challenge as well. It can still be hectic some weekends and I do wish we had some more time to ourselves as a family, but it has gotten better as LO has gotten older. Sometimes we try to get all of the family together so we can see them all in one day and then have the other day for us.
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  • "Sorry, we have other plans this weekend but let's plan to get together another time!"

    Simple and to the point.

    You are under no obligation to spend your time with anyone if you don't want to.  My H and I work full-time and weekends are for us to spend as a family.  If we want to see extended family, we plan that ahead of time so we don't feel bombarded.

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