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Returning from the dead

So,..., I just wanted to come back and return from the dead to say hi. I was very active the first 15 or so weeks of pregnancy but I feel like around the end of July I kinda took a bad turn in my pregnancy (constant exhaustion, realllllllly moody) and stopped posting much.  Then I got a new phone and I just never downloaded the app... I posted in what I thought was the FB group today only to find out that I guess it wasn't the Facebook group for the bump users.... there were other apps but not TB. Not sure how that happened but if no one minds I'll come back here and be obnoxious in here. I have missed having a birth group this time around so I hope 25 weeks isn't too late to jump back in. 

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  • Welcome back!

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  • I don't know to gif on the bump wahhhh
  • Welcome back! Hope the end of 2nd tri/beginning of 3rd treats you better! 

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  • Hey again!!!!!!!! 
  • Welcome back! 
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  • I, too, am jumping back on the bump board!  I hate mobile bump, and I'm just now finding more free time to jump on while at work!  
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  • Welcome back!
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  • Welcome back!
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