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Question for the csection moms

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So of course it's been nearly 13 months since I had my csection. I expect the "numb shelf" will never go away completely (at least from what I've heard from moms who had a csection many years ago) But I've noticed when I sneeze I still have to brace myself and kind of bend forward to prevent pain. It's not on the outside, it's more located where the incision would be on my uterus I guess. Today I had a "surprise sneeze" so I didn't brace myself and it was quite painful. TMI but I'm also on my period so i do wonder if that could have some affect. Any other csection mommas still find sneezing (or anything else) to cause pain or discomfort similar to post-surgery (but on a much less painful scale of course)?

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  • Yes! With my first c-section I had pulling and pain for a year or so. It took forever to heal!!
  • I have to say no. I don't feel any pain at all. And although my scar is a tiny bit numb (not noticeable unless I touch the scar), for the most part my body feels totally normal. 
    Sorry you're still experiencing discomfort :(
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  • I haven't noticed it either. I think my scar might be a little numb still. I do get sharp cramps if I really have to go to the bathroom sometimes, although that could be from my fibroids too. 
  • No I have no pain. I'm still numb along the scar though.
  • I have no pain. Actually my scar is still numb. It does still itch like crazy though! 
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    I have pain every now and then where my scar is. But most of it is still numb. My doctor said I may not get feeling back. 
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    Yes.  I had this mainly after my second.  I had alot of adhesions and fibroid tumors. Nothing to freak out about though.  I had simple same day surgery and two little 1/2 inch incesions and was up moving around the next day. Im not a doctor by any means but what you dscribed was me exactly.  Not to be tmi but certain "positions" were a no go for dh because i would get such bad pulling and pain. They can see all that with an ultrasound so nothing invassive. I would def go to your dr about it. Life after the surgery was so much more comfortable and i had less of a bloated look in that area because they removed some inner scar tissue so bonus!
  • I did get all of the feeling back which I was happily surprised about, but I have definitely experienced the surprise sneeze pain!! It makes me double over it hurts so bad. If I brace myself it isn't bad though. I thought it was normal. My mom said it still happens to her and her cesarean was 17.5 years ago (with my younger brother).
  • Yes! I need to brace too and when I forget or caught off guard I really feel it. It's like I'm gonna rip the muscle 
  • @akdewald thank you for sharing! I've actually recently had an ultrasound (long, unrelated story I won't go into) I'd imagine if there were anything going on they'd have noticed it then so I don't believe that would be an issue for me.

    thanks to everyone who responded. It looks like it's pretty much a coin toss for those that still have this issue.
  • I had this issue too after my first c/s. I don't think it lasted as long as 13 months, but it was like that for awhile. I guess because I've been numb from my first c/s, I didn't have any difficulties with my 2 subsequent c/s. 
  • Thought about this post today when I picked my LO up and almost fell over in pain. I have a slight cols too and sneezing is not my friend. I haven't had this type of pain before now. Weird how it comes and goes! 
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