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Bilingual Household Vocabulary/Speech?

Hi Mommies!

My son is 28 months old and is growing up in a tri-lingual household. However, it seems he says way fewer words and almost no more than 2-word sentences still. His dad speaks to him primarily in Spanish, I speak to him in Russian and our older son talks to him in English so he is kind of all over the place. But at my 2 year check up our Ped said I should have him assessed. Just wondering how other kids raised in bi/tri lingual households are doing in regards to speech.

Thank you!

Re: Bilingual Household Vocabulary/Speech?

  • My son is also being raised in a bilingual household and I am experiencing the same with limited/ delayed language skills.  My pedi also recommended for him to be assessed and he had a hearing test done.  He passed.  I wasn't concerned about his hearing bc I know he hears me and can follow multiple step commands.  The audiologist also told me to not worry bc some boys are late bloomers and on top of that he was being raised in a bilingual household. But....: just to be on the safe side he will be starting his speech therapy this Monday.  I think it's better to be safe than sorry.  Hope this helps and good luck with your little one:)
  • We are a bilingual household also. My pediatrician told us that it's normal for kids to be a bit delayed in speech. It doesn't hurt to have an evaluation done just for peace of mind.
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