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Lifting during pregnancy

My sister is leaving a very terrible relationship, she is having to move in stages because her ex has been extremely dangerous, as of late. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and I was helping her load some boxes into my mid-size SUV. I brought the boxes to my apartment where she, my niece, and nephew will be living in, until we, all, move again in a month, into a house my husband and I are in the process of buying. After I was helping her load up her things, I was having really sharp pains near my cervix.  Is it bad for me to be lifting at this time in my pregnancy?  I thought that happened much later on. I'm pretty much all she has, and she has a bad back, so she obviously will have a hard time lifting things on her own. When it comes time for the big move out, we will have help, but I just wanted to know how safe it is for me to lift, as we will be discreetly moving her stuff all week. I apologize for not being a constant on this board, but with all her troubles, it has been very hard to have any time to be a regular presence on this board. Thank you, ladies for any advice you can give me.

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  • I've heard up to 25 pounds is ok - good luck moving her things discretely - I'm glad she's leaving and going somewhere safe. Is she going to get a restraining order? 
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    It's a crazy situation. She is trying to get one against his daughter to protect her children, because she was found to be harming them for a long time. His daughter moved out of their house in January, because she refused to go to counseling, and that was a stipulation for her living there.  Eventually, my sister's ex started bringing the kids to see their half-sister against the advice of three counselors, and without my sister's knowledge.  He lied to her for 6 months that he was not having the kids see her. Since my sister filed the OOP, her now ex, has been making threats against her, and engaging in alarming behavior towards his children to cover for his daughter.
     She may need to get one against him, pending the outcome of the judge's ruling on the OOP against his daughter. My sister has had to stay with him for a month, to protect her children, because he keeps trying to take them to see their half sister. She'd rather risk her safety to protect her children, than move out while his daughter could still see them anytime her father felt she should. The temporary custody case and OOP will be decided next week. 
  • @themuffinman16 I am so sorry to hear what your sister is going through. You are such a great sister to step up the plate and be there for her and her family!

    i heard similar things about lifting, but really I think it comes down to listening to your body. I've been moving boxes and furniture and wood and everything during our house renovation and the important thing is to take breaks and drink water.  I mentioned it to my OB and she does not seem concerned. Lifting one weight for one person is not the same as lifting that weight for another person.

    As for the sharp cervix pains, i've had those too (I call it lightning crotch), but not during or after lifting. I talked to to my OB and she said normally it happens later, but baby can push on nerves. I just had one a few times one day last week and maybe only once since.

    Keep being there for your family and do what you're comfortable with, but don't ever feel bad if you have to take a break or stop what you're doing! 
  • The general rule is nothing over 20-25lb. However,  you really need to ask your doctor about this. Your doctor will have a much better understanding of your health and fitness level when it comes to your physical activity during pregnancy. Every person is different, for some women it'd be safe. For some it'd be dangerous.  Depends on the conditioning of your body. 
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  • I'd be super careful. My daughter weighs 25 lbs but I'm used to carrying her. If I didn't have a toddler I wouldn't be lifting that amount of weight. If you are in pain/discomfort STOP lifting. 
  • Even if what you're lifting weighs less than 20 lbs, moving out an apartments worth of stuff might be over exerting yourself. I'd stop if I had pain. 
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  • I'm sorry to hear that your sister is having to go through this! And, what you and your DH are doing to help her out is really amazing. 

    I agree with the board here, be careful on the weight but most importantly listen to your body. It will tell you if you are pushing yourself to hard. There are plenty of things you can help do that don't require you to actually lift the boxes, like unpacking the boxes for example. 

    Hoping all the moving goes smoothly for you! 

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  • Ackkkk, it's awesome that you're helping her out, what a scary-sounding situation! Are you drinking enough water as you're lifting things? I think 25 pounds is a safe number if you never lift much but as others have said, it's really about what you're personally used to. Is it possible for you to rent a dolly or something from U-haul? They're not very expensive to rent and it might help lighten the load if she has a ton of stuff.
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  • @canavara  We will be hiring a truck soon, but right now, it's to keep things as inconspicuous as possible, to keep the peace. We're just moving about 6-8 boxes a day. I will try to stay better hydrated, that's a very good thing to look out for.. It's just when i get home, I have to carry these boxes up three flights of stairs, so I know I'm probably overdoing it, but I feel like I have to because she is in such a dangerous situation.
  • Thank you all for your help, ladies.  Today I lifted about as many boxes and didn't have any side effects, but  rested a lot in between, and drank plenty of fluids.  If the boxes are too heavy, I take things out of them, load the boxes in my car and fill them until I get home.  From there, my husband helps me unload the car when he gets home from work. I will definitely be renting a dolly for moving day, I think it will make it so much easier.
  • Glad it went better yesterday.  Definitely take rests, drink lots of water and listen to your body.  I'm so sorry your sister is going through such a terrible situation.  She's lucky to have you and your DH to help her out though.
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