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Money vent

Oh how I wish having a baby didn't cost so much! ;)

We have 2 wonderful, wonderful boys...I have the dream of a 3rd child as well. I didn't think hubby was on board but he recently said he was in-if we went for it NOW to get through the baby stage and be done. For me, that 3rd child dream would be a few years down the road-when we would only have to pay for that one to be in full time daycare and the other 2 could be in school. I remember the stress of realizing  what we would pay for our 2 boys to go to daycare, I can't imagine factoring in a 3rd, although our oldest currently does half days of school and will be full time next year. Its just so difficult-and sad for me that I would have to base the decision on that.

I know there is no right or wrong answer as to whether we should have a 3rd or when it would work best for us. But I have faith that if its meant to be it will eventually happen! If not, we will continue to enjoy life with our 2 little guys we have now!

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Re: Money vent

  • Agreed! We are getting closer to ttc #2 and I'm terrified of that hospital bill. 5 days in the hospital and a c-section, after insurance we still owed almost $10 grand! Part of me wants to wait until I have a full time job so I have a second insurance to cover the rest, but when our time comes, we're going for it no matter what. DS was worth every penny!

    Good luck with whatever you decide  :)
  • It is sad how much daycare costs. Here in the NE we are paying about $300/week, and even with good jobs two in daycare would be more than our mortgage! We could always sell our house and go live in the woods!   :p 

    @pumpkin0913 wuf that is a high hospital bill. Don't most insurances have an OOP max for the year? Mine does - you might want to shop around before having another baby. 
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