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How to tame the baby mullet?! Help! *pics*

I have a beautiful 19 month old daughter with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. The problem is that she's getting lots of hair in the back and just nothing on top! I was never a girly girl and i am struggling with what to do with it lol. There's not enough hair on top for bangs or even a part. The front gets combed forward and the back ends up looking like a rat's nest lol. Suggestions? Do i cut it? Let it grow? Thank you!

Re: How to tame the baby mullet?! Help! *pics*

  • As some one who has cut their hair off and regrown it (a lot) I would always keep trimming the back until the top/front caught up. I would probably do that in this situation too if it's bothering you. Or
    give her a ponytail all the time. 
  • Headbands. And yes keep trimming 
  • Definitely cut the bottom off until the top grows in. :)

  • She is adorable! Her baby mullet definitely made me smile. If it's bothering you, I suggest trimming the back until the top catches up or maybe two little pigtails? You would have to use those really tiny/thin rubber bands and you could combo them with headbands. 
  • That is a proper mullet! Geez she is a doll! :wink: Mine has a bit of a mullet too and I let her rock it. She has a head of curls, though, so it's less noticeable! I agree with the girls above, trim it if you feel like you need to! 
  • Mine doesn't have quite the same mullet but she's definitely got more in the back than up top. I've been having fun with pig tails, or I'll do little giraffe stalk-style pigtails up on top. I've threatened my partner with using scissors on her, but it's an empty threat. I could never trim her little hair ;-) Your little one is adorable!
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